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A first look at two VF-19 PE set in 1/48th scale


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Let the pics say everything:


Head to head


Assembling effects


Hasegawa part A made by stainless steel(more hard to bend and paint)


Hasegawa part B made by copper


Jasmodel product made by copper(more complex to make, but easier to bend and attach)

release date:

Jasmodel: 2010 Mar

Hasegawa: 2011 Feb


Jasmodel: 15 USD

Hasegawa: 2000 Yen(over 24.3 USD)

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Before Hasegawa edited their PE parts, I already got Jasmine one.

All I say is Hasegawa sucks !

I've got PE parts from Jasmine Models for my VF-25's, my VF-1J 1/48, and YF-19 1/72 & 1/48 : terrific results.

The hasegawa PE for 1/72 VF-1 are so poor, I would like JM to make their own to get real grade VF-1 in 1/72 scale...

I'll wait, as I suggested them to work on it and they said it was in project...

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All i can say about JM is that they are great :) Ive bought one PE set for cockpit and more to Vf 1 S 1/48 and PE intake for same model! Nice detail sets! But i want them to do a radar for the nose or nice landgears :)

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