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  1. Hi guys! im new here but id like to get into some japan mechas now since transformers are just too much! heres my bst !feel free to shoot me a message if you see something you like. im open to trades or offers! *ALL THE PRICES ARE SHIPPING INCLUDED!* heres my tfw feedback http://www.tfw2005.com/boards/junkion-exchange-feedback/702534-ninjaslackers-feedback-2.html PICTURES CAN BE PROVIDED IF YOU MESSAGE. US Only Feel free to shoot an offer HIGH WANTS ****>Super High Ultra Want>-SOC Dancouga (needs to be 100% complete and in perfect condition with box) -Machine Wars Megatron and Megaplex -gi joe 30th zombie vipers -Revoltech Dancouga -MMC Hexatron (sixshot) -Generations 2013 Ratbat -Shattered Glass Prime with his Shattered Glass battle tanker.NO KOs. -Fp Bruticus Fall of Cybertron Wave 3!!all MISB -Offers are welcome if you want the whole lot (; -Foc Kickback-loose complete-30$ -Foc Airraid -30$ -Foc Starscream x2 -20$ each -Foc Ultra Magnus x2 -20$each -Foc SideSwipe -Only one left -20$ Arms Micron Wildrider -40$ Perfect Effect Frenzy and Rumble-80$ Classics Mirage 40$ Classics Drag Strip with bts weapons 60$ Junkion Lot! 1 Wreckgar 4Junkheaps and Botcon Sg junkions set all for 220$ Comes with some weapons! Theres still in hell of a good condition! Beast Hunter Prime with Dr Wu sword maybe if i get a good offer:D The Good stuff Tfc Hercules!!!!! With Rage set and Crazy Devy Parts! Not sure about parting with him still so testing the waters for this.(600$ or offer )shipping included Fansproject Steelcore --(170$) Fansproject Defender -Offer MECHA HULK 100$ Neca God of War Kratos 25$ MU Red Hulk 20$ MU Task master 20$ Tfc Iron army limb both for 85$ TRU Classic Mortal kombat Ninjas Revoltech Shingetter 3 25$ Revoltech Prototype Eva( yellow one) 20$ Robot Damashii Gundam Titus 50$ Robot Damashii Gundam Spallow 50$ MOTUC rare misb Castle Grey Skull Man 60$ -Acid Storm 30$ -Octane (Tankor)20$ -WFC Bumblebee 15$ -WFC Soundwave 30$ -Generations Red Alert 25$ -Generations Kup 15$ -Generations Warpath 15$ -Generations Skyshadow --(Sold) Junk part figures that id like to get ride of soon as possible. Great for custom or junks! Buy the whole dang lot for only 50$ -cybertron optimus prime leader class(missing his little gun and the tiny snap on fins and his key)35$ -Cybertron Snarl fang wolf (missing his sword and key) 7$ -Cybertron Unicron (missing his key and missle) 7$ Traded -Cybertron Mudflap (Also missing his key ) 7$ -Cybertron Longrack (missing key) 7$ -Cybertron Trex Megatron ( Missing parts and key )7$ -ramjet (no arm missles) Other tformers -DOTM Road buster -ROTF skids and mudflap -Prime wheeljack with his swords but there kinda jacked up but the figure himself is great -Beast Wars cheetor ? -Beast Machines Megatron -Transformers Crossover Hulk -Drift (missing his swords and his left panel) -TF armorhide
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