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Found 2 results

  1. So I have been a faithful customer since 2007. Spent thousands of dollars on plastic. But it seems the business has gone to the shits. I mean I missed the payment by accident you know those random paypal freezes you cant access crap! and no matter how many times you call its pointless because you have a human parrot repeating script without valid answers and holding your bank account hostage,so HLJ just goes and cancels all my account and pre-orders that went along with it. Including some hard to get valks. Now we discussed it changed my email account to gmail since the app for yahoo sucks and everything fixed. I recently spent up to 350 bucks. Had a nice RIobot on pre-order. So I was away on business, with little to no time to access my emails. When I get back I find that I have a notice. I quickly go to pay and whamo, Account deleted along with the all important pre-orders. I think these people are on crack. It wasnt always like that. I mean the guy responsible for gunpla parts is a bit dickish, but oh well i got my replacement parts someplace else. Im pretty loyal. I mean I can stick with a particular vendor for years even if the prices are high, when I get to know them I like dealing with them and a trust is established. But HLJ just seems to have become an expensive and dickish place to shop. IS that anyway to treat a long time customer that shelled out for plastic toys. Today was the last draw. I mean I was already upset that they would ship plastic toys in gigantic boxes with HLJ toys plastered all over the box, you know to let customs know to charge me up to 40% tax on the item. I wrote to the bald &^$@ and about my concern. You know I mentioned it might be cheaper not to pay for machines or time to paint a logo on a box that just goes into the bin. Using that ink is bad for the environment. He brushed me off faster than a flee on a dog. I even offered assistance during their earthquake and participated in donating to the relief effort. Sent an email of concern to their staff. ETC. I guess gone are the days of friendly first name basis customers. Now we are all just numbers. Yes I am bitter because I had one RIOBOT on pre-order now its gone. Nevermind the time I purchased several valks when they went on sale and bingo! I get an email a day later oh sorry your valk orders are 0 because they were sold out. Well Im done. Sent a NICE FU laced letter, So anyone know a good place to shop for toys that are friendly and not so dickish and reliable Funny than I find this eware. Anyone ordering from HLJ should familiarize themselves with HLJ's shipping policies as they are very unforgiving. I put in 2 separate orders for 2 different Gundam kits and used SAL shipping for each individual order to avoid EMS. The next morning it shows that the two orders have been combined into a single shipment with the shipping method changed to EMS (more expensive). Mind you, they didn't even notify me of the change. Apparently they have a policy where any orders made within a couple hours of each other are combined if you use the "Ship Now" option. I admit it was my mistake for not reading their policies beforehand (To be fair, it was under the "Help" section... didn't think I needed help) Okay, cool. Lets just send an email to customer service and get things straightened out. Boy was I wrong. Customer service couldn't have been more useless. They responded to my email 3.5 days later saying they couldn't change my order because it was already shipping. Well of course, if it takes them that long to read an email, whats the point of even trying to rectify an order mistake before they ship it out. Even worse is I have no idea how much they charged me because they didn't notify me of any changes to shipping. Whelp, apparently they can do this because that's what it says in their "Terms and Conditions". So read that before you order to save yourself the trouble and headache. To be honest, just stay away from Hobby Link Japan and stick with Amiami or Hobby Search. Amiami has much better customer service (they respond to your emails much faster and don't threaten to blackmail you), have better prices and are much more flexible with orders." report? Is this review? Helpful Cool Share ac11217 1/5 posted Apr-30-2013 "I have been a customer of HLJ since forever. By that I mean way before they introduced their private warehouse (PW) option. I think here is where the problem lies. Don't get me wrong, I think PW sounds great on paper but in practice it left a lot to be desired. I have bought large items from HLJ before and they arrived in mint condition and I was one happy customer, but with the new PW, upon my request to ship, I was told that there was not a big enough box to ship the piece that I just bought. Now here is the interesting thing, if you go on youtube and look for a review of the Trumpeter 1/32 F-117 kit, you can find a hobbyist reviewing the same kit who also bought his from HLJ! He is located somewhere in the US but he was lucky enough to get that limited edition shipping box. Ok, fine I will just have to be patient...so in the meantime, I bought another kit and requested it to be shipped along with my F-117. After this got dragged on for two months, I finally received the F-117 but without the second kit in it. After explaining my case to Corky Visminas, he offered a very unsympathetic choice of either a 85% refund or he can ship the item after I pay for the shipment. I understand this is their policy but the choice is clear: to lose 15% and not get anything and they get to sell the model again or to pay 15% more and get the model so that at least I can commemorate my own folly of buying more from HLJ? I picked the latter. After another week and a half of waiting, I received my trophy. In conclusion, I think HLJ has a lot to offer in terms of products, but it was not a pleasant experience. The PW policy is flawed due to their own internal inadequacies. At the least it can benefit by being more transparent to its customers. No one likes to be taken for a fool, especially a paying customer. As for me, you can say that HLJ has lost a long time customer. " This review was modified by ac11217 on April 30 2013 08:51:09 PM report? Is this review? Helpful Cool Share stephenw01 1/5 posted Mar-29-2013 "http://postimage.org/gallery/5po24dao/ I've ordered four products from Hobby Link Japan after being very cautious about them, out of the four products I got from them two were missing pieces(SAL shipping) and damaged(EMS shipping). I complained how the base was missing and the package that holds it was SEALED, they replied within two-three days for that one. About a week later I got the damaged package; which I paid more to ship via EMS. The moment I took it out of the shipping box I noticed INSTANTLY that it was going to be damaged; it's hands were above it's head and scrunched in a corner it couldn't fit in unless forced. Are you telling me that they couldn't see that was a damaged kit!? I saw it INSTANTLY, but enough about what I saw here is the part about their customer service which I thought was pretty good. I took pictures to prove the item was damaged; fingers were bent beyond belief. So then I wrote my email telling them that my model came in terrible condition and that this is ridiculous, I ordered four items and two were damaged or missing pieces so basically a 50% chance to have something wrong. Till this day I'm still waiting for a reply;10 days. I was going to order a lot of gundams from them but I canceled the order but here's the funny part they replied within two days to cancel the order. So they asked me if I want store credit or want it on my card, I said on my card of course but I added to the email "Why are you guys ignoring my email about my damaged model? It's been 9 days since I sent that email" now it's been 1 day and they haven't confirmed that they credited me my money to my card and the gundam is still in my orders. Guys please believe my words I don't want this to happen to anyone else stay clear of Hobby Link Japan, it takes a lot of crap to happen to me before I go to a site and write a review; my first time actually. If you want proof regarding this review feel free to look at the videos I made and pictures I took, also this isn't a way for me to get views just take a look if you don't believe me like they say actions speak louder than words. Stay safe friends, be very cautious!
  2. Hey everyone. I have a question about buying Macross while in Japan. I have read the "When in Asia" post but could not really find an answer. I live in Japan and seeing how Macross is Japanese I would think there would be stores that sell Macross (particularly the Yamato line) first hand and new; a store like Toys R Us or some other store. Yet I cannot seem to find a store chain other than Mandarake, that sells first or second hand Macross. I have got some good stuff from Mandarake but does anyone know of B&M stores that sell Yamato Macross new in the Tokyo area?
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