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Found 2 results

  1. Price lowered. I have for sale the following below. Please PM me if interested. F-Toys Chara-Works 1/144 scale Macross Collection Vol.1 & Vol.2 Description: Macross Collection Vol.1 comes as 10 unopened kits plus the box to hold it. Macross Collection Vol.2 also comes as 10 unopened kits plus the box to hold it. I am also adding an additional 5 unopened kits from Vol.2 plus 2 opened ones and yet another box to hold it. See pic below Price: SOLD Price includes shipping to anywhere in the 48 US states. Buyers in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada, please PM for shipping cost. Sorry, I will not ship outside of US or Canada. I will entertain trades for new/unbuilt Gundam models of equivalent value.
  2. Hey everyone, I have two items from previous reviews that I would like to sell. Prices below but note that I'm also willing to trade. I'm looking for like new in box Takara Transformers MP-1B, MP-6, MP-16 and some others (obviously trades can involve cash also). I'm also looking for classic Matchbox Robotech toys, a Henkei Takatoku VF-1, a Takatoku Morpher, and a Takatoku 1/76 GBP. 1) Happinet Chara-Works Volume 1 & 2 figures. You get all the figures in this picture EXCEPT volume 1 Hikaru VF-1J and Strike VF-1S Focker (I'm keeping those just in case I have to do a comparison some day): You get the following toys, all of which have their original packaging, all items have unused landing gears but as you can see in the pic above, all items have been on a display stand at least once: 1) VF-1A Mass Production 2) VF-1A Angelbirds 3) VF-1A Max in Zentraedi uniform (CHASE) 4) VF-1J Miria 5) VF-1S Strike Hikaru Volume II was released in January 2008 also for an MSRP of 4,500 Yen of 10 figures. Volume II featured the following valkyries: 1) VF-1A Hikaru 2) VF-1J Max 3) VT-1 SuperOstrich 4) VF-1S Strike Minmay Guard 5) VF-1S Super Roy 6) VF-1A Super Hikaru 7) VF-1A Hayao (CHASE) (paperwork says “VF-1J” but it’s the VF-1A) That is a total of 12 1/144 Valkyries. If you're not familiar with them you should check out my review. They're not really toys... more like models that are nearly complete and could use a modeler's last touches. Let's say EBAY. Next up I have a used DMZ-01 Scopedog as seen in my review on anymoon. This toy displays great but the hands are cracked (see review pics) which means they're not as tight as they're supposed to be and they fall off during any sort of play. This was the same dog used in my MAP-03 pics so again, it displays perfectly fine and can still hold the weapon: I am not selling the red shoulder parts! I'm just including the pic so you can see that the toy can hold the gun in a display case just fine. I'm asking EBAY.
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