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Found 9 results

  1. Hey all, I'm lookin' for some stuff. I have stuff to trade (like DX VF-1 toys) and also willing to buy. I want these for use on anymoon.com so, unless otherwise noted, I'm hoping for them to be 'like new' with all original accessories, packaging, and no yellowing. Minor transformation and packaging wear is fine. Takatoku 1/55 VF-1J Max, Miria, Misa Takatoku 1/55 VF-1S + GBP Gift-set Bandai 1985 VF-1A DYRL Hikaru Bandai DX Version 1 VF-25 toys: V-25F standalone, Super VF-25G, Super RVF-25 Bandai VF100 VF-25 Family Mart Version Bandai JokeMachine Japanese releases and Skull One USA release Yamato 1/60 V1 VF-1 Toys (except 1D, Strike 1S, VE-1, and GBP+Hikaru 1J) Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1J Gray Goggles Version Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1D 30th anniversary Yamato 1/60 YF-19 Weathering Edition Yamato 1/60 VF-17D (super or regular) Yamato 1/60 VF-0A (either standalone or gift-set) Yamato 1/60 Ghost booster (the A version with the stripes) Yamato 1/60 VF-22S M&M Yamato 1/48 VF-1 standard gun Yamato 1/48 VF-1 Woodland Version Harmony Gold reissue of the Hover Tank (just saw I missed one on ebay ) Harmony Gold reissues of the Destroids (except Excalibur) Matchbox Mini SDF-1 Matchbox 1/144 Civil Defense Radar X and Excalibur Matchbox 1/144 Blue Spartan Playmates 1/144 Green Gladiator Destroid Mega House Ride Armors (black webshop versions) Gakken 1/55 Alpha/Legioss toys (red triple change, red & green double change) Gakken 1/72 Alpha toys (green or red) CM's Patlabor Asuka Taisyo OVA version (vinyl fig) Takatoku Henkei Toys Takatoku 1/144 Defender Please don't post links to auction sites, I got my eye on those. Looking here for someone who maybe has some toys that are no longer bringing joy to their lives and want to swap them with something else.
  2. All rider armors and figures are mint in box complete. Figures with the armor on were never removed from the boxes, and no transformations were ever made. I got the sets and displayed them as you see in the photos and never attempted to change modes. The Inbit Shock Trooper is WELL WORN and loose jointed but complete and ideal for a custom paint job (which I always wanted to do). Asking $269 + $12 shipping. My break down was $50 each for the ride armors, $60 more for the collectable figures and $9 for the Trooper. I will also throw in some surprise extras... THX...
  3. Hey all, I'm looking for the following Mospeada Toys. I'm hoping some of you are doing the upgrade to the ET Legioss and won't find yourself with a need for these any more. I'm also hoping somebody bought a HMR Missile Regult set and has decided the HMR line is not for them or that they'd rather have some scratch for other releases: 1) Bandai Hi-Metal R Missile Set 2) Bandai Hi-Metal R Regult (the first release) 3) a green or red MPC or Aoshima Alpha/Legioss, preferably in like new condition. 4) A green or red CM's Legioss/Tread gift-set, preferably complete in like new condition. If you're looking for a trade, send me your want list. If you want cash money, let me know how much via PM!
  4. Getting rid of more things before X-Mas! I'm no longer attached to these toys and I just do not have any time for them anymore. Trying to price these as low as possible to get them sold asap! Those of you who have dealt with me in the past, you know my motto. I would prefer to sell these locally if possible and locals do get dibs. I'm located in Orange County, CA. I do not mind shipping these in the lower 48s but I will need a few days to get boxes to fit them properly after the sale. Real important... Please ask all questions before you commit to buy. Prices do NOT include S&H and PayPal fees. Robotech Roy Fokker VF-1S w/armor - 150.00 shipped ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Toy is in pretty good condition with the exception of the chrome metal parts. They are getting dull due to age and oxidation. This includes the armor... I do not have the box for the armor. Sticker sheet is intact. 1/60 YF-21 w/ Armor and stand - 180.00 shipped,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Displayed in fighter mode only. Never transformed. Never pulled out the stands out of its tray. Box is in ok condition. Macross CMS (Max, Hikaru, Roy, Isamu) - 100.00 shipped ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, What you see in the pic is what you will get. (edit.... I have a few more CMS which will be included that are not in the pic. You will receive them as well) 1/48 Strike Armor - 100.00 shipped ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Never taken out of box. Brand new still and the box is in pretty good shape too! 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru - 120.00 shipped ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Never displayed nor has it been taken out of it. What you see is what you will get... basically I received it this way from way back in them days and I've just left it pretty much wrapped still.
  5. FOR SALE: Robotech / Mospeada Toynami Scott Blue Alpha Beta SET - PLUS CMs Large Rifle SOLD Comes with all boxes and accessories, plus you get the very cool CMs big gun that makes the pair iconic (see pic below for reference). As will all of these MPC Alphas, the hands are not great. I believe the left is fine so far, but the right has broken. Its all there, but you're better off getting a replacement via Shapeways. --- The GBP missile effects go great with this set - they are not included . . . Blue Alpha / Beta Set - $299 + $29 SHIPPING $219 + $29 Shipping
  6. Wave 1/72 (vinyl kit) VF-17S/D $50, Wave 1/72 (vinyl) VF-19Kai w/ sound-booster $70, Wave 1/72 (vinyl) VF-19S/F $50, Wave 1/24 Scopedog Red Shoulder Custom $30 Fujimi - Great Mightgaine Perfect Mode kit $30, Skynet - Goshogun kit & 3mech $20, Bandai - Thousand Sunny (New world version) non-scale - $35 Imai 1/72 Regult kit (sold), Arii 1/72 Glaug kit $80, Imai 1/144 Q-Rau kit (sold), L&S 1/48 Bioroid kit (sold), Arii Macross Diorama Defender kit $30, Imai 1/100 Glaug kit (sold) Bandai Movie Realization Kamen Rider The First 1&2 $40, Si-Fi Revoltech Iron Man MK-VI $45, Revoltech Revy $40, Figma Kanu Unchou sold, Atelier Sai Megazone23 Garland action-figure sold, Atelier Sai Megazone23 Garland Army Color $20, Atelier Sai Megazone23 partII Proto-Garland sold CM’s Patlabor Ingram 1&2 (movie ver.) $70, Bandai HMC-Pro Sazabi $35, Bandai HMC-Pro Jadg Doga $25, Bandai SOP PX-01 Hover Pileder (sold), Bandai SOP PX-02 Kamen Rider & Cyclone $40, Robotech Mac II Destroid Monster $40 CM’s Max Jinius DYRL Pilot Suit (chase figure) (sold), CM’s Roy Focker cockpit figure $10, Wave (resin kit) 1/100 VF-11 $40, Wave (resin kit) 1/100 YF-21 $40, Hasegawa 1/72 VF-1A Angel-Birds sold, Bandai 1/144 VF-11C plus Tech (resin) up-grade Full-Armored kit $35 Price does not include shipping. Paypal is preffered payment method. Thanks
  7. i'm looking for these for such a long time now. if anyone want to sell it or find it anywhere, just let me know, i'm from malaysia. especially the gun came with rand/ley.
  8. I've decided that my red CM's Legioss Tread giftset is just taking up too much space and it needs to go like the other not blue Mospeada stuff I auctioned off recently. I am looking for: 1) Just about any TV version Yamato V2 VF-1. I would really like to get a TV version cannon fodder to compare it to the movie version I own but any other valk that showed up in the TV show would also work 2) Any Transformers Masterpiece toy EXCEPT US Skywarp or Thundercracker 3) Yamato Votoms toys (Meliqua Scopedog, Strong Bacchus, weapons set 2, Uoodo Fyana) 4) CM's Votoms toys (Red Shoulder, all green scopedog, death messenger, Rane Assault custom, Berserga WP, Rabidly Dog blue/purple) 5) Yamato Patlabor toys 6) Yamato Macross other: VF-11C, Koenig Monster, CF SV-51 7) Bandai Hi-Metal VF-19S Vintage Takatoku Henkei, paro valkyries, 1/100, 1/78 GBP 9) Popbox Hikaru in flightsuit or Max figures 10) Vintage Matchbox or Playmates Bioroid, hover craft, male power armor, VF-1 If you got some other random toy that you think I might like, just shoot me a PM. I'm very flexible, if any one is interested in picking up the red legioss/tread set let me know. I'd also consider selling it outright for $old (and you pay shipping/fees or give me cash for a local swap).
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