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  1. Hey all, getting out of the collecting biz...for now ;) Want this VF-1S? Plenty of pics in this google Drive folder:


    Two noticeable issues: missing foam cross bar and rthere is a hole in the front plastic window. I *think* its complete, but not positive.

    $570 shipped USPS Priority plus 4% PP fees (if you dont want to use the Friends option).

    Or make me a fair offer. 




  2. Hey all, I've been off radar for a few years. Went thru some life changes and purged my entire Macross collection . (Some of you may now own those very figures!) Anyway, I'm back! But like many, I'm too late. I missed the preorder for the Bandai DX Chogokin VF-1S Roy Focker. And now its on eBay for upwards fo $444! Thats insane. 

    Whats a fella to do? I want a VF-1S with Super Parts. Will there be another release? And if not, whats the next best thing? Arcadia? Never owned an Arcadia fig. All my stuff was Yamato. Thanks gang! Good to be back. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    They're on South Ataria island, at the airbase adjacent to the training center the UN Forces set up there to train the crew of the SDF-1 Macross in January 2007.  The whole flashback involves Roy and Claudia meeting there after she's assigned to the new training center.

    The island is only called "Macross island" in that other show we don't talk about here.

    Doh! Rookie mistake calling it "Macross Island" - I of course meant South Ataria! ;)

  4. Hi all, random curiosity: The VF-X we see in Ep33 - where is that being tested/developed? Macross Island?  I cant get to my DVDs right now or I'd check myself...


    Also, if any one has a decent pic of the Yamato figure - up close on the tail logo, I'd appreciate it. Working on a little t-shirt design. ;)


  5. Hey all, selling off a few things to make space. On a couple of them I had to estimate the price based on eBay market values. If I'm way off mark, please PM me and let me know. I'm not trying to price gouge anyone here. All have been gently handled, displayed in a glass case, in a smoke and pet free home. Shipping will be based on your location at the speed of your choosing.

    Bandai DX Konig Monster - transformed once, and only applied the sheryl nose art decal. All other decals intact on sheet. Mint in box. $215 Pending?



    Bandai Spec XD-02 Dragonar WebShop Exclusive. Posed once, otherwise mint. $200 $160




    More pics:


    Volks A3 MuvLuv Total Eclipse Su-37UB Terminator posed once. $40 $30



    Yamato V2 1/60 VF-1J with Armor Parts posed and assembled once. Shoulders are perfect. $350 $325


    Yamato V2 1/60 VT-1 Super Ostrich posed and transformed once, a 4 tiny decals applied to super packs. All other decals intact. Shoulders are perfect. Rainbow canopy is perfect. $SOLD

    Megahouse Linebareels of Iron Vardant, posed once. $120 $100



    More images:


  6. Well, the shoulder on my 1/60 Yamato VF Roy Focker finally gave up the ghost and the arm completely fell off. I've been reading up on this and it sounds like my two options are:

    1. somehow get a hold of an official Yamato replacement shoulder

    2. Get a shapeways shoulder.

    My questions are:

    1. How do I get an official shoulder?

    2. The threads I've been reading here say the shapeways shoulder does not actually fit properly.

    3. Is there a 3rd, more awesome option?

    What is a fella to do?

  7. Hi all,

    Selling my 1/60 Yamato VF-X test type from Tamashii web shop. Took it out of the box to display in jet mode but never transformed it. Stickers have never been applied either. Box has a tiny ding in one of the flaps but is otherwise near mint. Last one sold on eBay for around 350 so I'm guessing this is what they are generally going for - I'm asking $325 for this one, but I'm open to reasonable offers.

    Shipping will be $15.00 in the continental US.

    EDIT: I suppose a picture would be nice.


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