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  1. 2 minutes ago, Tober said:

    The official release date is the 29th, so a week from now. When that happens stores such as HLJ could well have excess canceled stock. Those stores don't price-jack, so I think that's your best bet for now.

    Thank you! will mark it on my calendar. I hope they announce the Vf-1S soon.

  2. 16 minutes ago, canklebreaker said:

    Just bought a missile set and I don’t even have a figure on order :/

    OMG i thought i was the only one too, i don't have the figure yet either, but ordered the missiles. They all Raised there prices since preorders were done. Anyone know where i can get the figure at a descent price?

  3. Anytime! Glad you were able to find a set of SAP Armor. That's actually a good price, pretty close to what HLJ charged.

    When you get your Armor in take some pics. B))

    Thank you! yes i will get some pics taken when it arrives. I do have to admit it looks way better with the SAP armor.

    What are those armor parts you put on the stand (sides of the valk) suppose to be? the ones that look like fold boosters? i don't remember seeing those in the anime

  4. No one is forcing you to buy anything, but that's how business works. Really confused by this line of thinking. They aren't holding a gun to your head or more accurately holding a "better Mac 2 valk" hostage contingent on you being a sap and giving them money for this "inferior one." This is their first effort. If you don't like it, don't buy it. But hopefully you understand how the market works, and if the sales are bad they won't risk more money improving this product line. That's not nefarious, that's not them being jerks, that is how business works and we as consumers should recognize that if you want to see something succeed you need to actually support it with your money. We should also be nuanced enough to figure out that the chances of seeing a product improve is entirely contingent on the company producing it feeling like they can make money by improving it, and making that reality a part of our purchasing decision. They aren't jerks for mentioning this in the interview, they are being honest about their (and everyone everywhere's) business practices.

    If you are upset about the situation, then that is perfectly fine. You are right., this is a super niche market, this toy doesn't seem to be at arcadia execution standards and yes if we don't support this we might get or else. As consumers that is something we need to consider: that supporting this product may be the only way it will ever improve. But they didn't create this situation, and getting mad at them is illogical.

    I'll reserve judgement for the final product as far as quality of build, it looks really good for a first effort in my opinion and for being super niche I am surprised they were able to come in at the price point they did. I will buy one happily, and I will happily crap all over it if when I get it in hand it is garbage. But I won't regret supporting an idea I wanted to see happen should the worst occur.

    i picked up one, i might pick up another i picked up my first from Amiami then i realized AE was cheaper, i never ordered from AE does anyone have any feedback on them? Shipping etc...

  5. It all depends on how the sales of this valk goes I guess. This being a company new into the Macross line, I think that if the sales are good then yes you might see small improvements to the next model. As for renewals it's too early to tell, I say that they won't do a renewal version. Take a look at their product lineup if you're curious http://evolution-toy.com/products/index.html

    Thank you for the reply, because i remember i bought the first Bandai Macross Frontier ones, then they come with renewals (got burned bad) :( This is my fav Valk from all the series so sleek looking but i don't want to be 6 months later new one is coming lol

  6. Hi:

    A few people have asked me if I could post bigger pictures, and a few wanted to meet up in person. Sadly, I live in Calgary, and cannot meet up with you guys in person. To make it up, I have attempted to take "bigger" pictures with a better background. You will find some of them bigger than the actual size, but hopefully you can get a closer look and a sense of the size. Sorry it took so long; I haven't been very satisfy with the pictures. I only have a 12 MegaPix Camera, and for the first time, I find that it is not enough to capture all the details and different contrast on the SDF-1.

    Here are two more posting in addition to the last 6 sets of picture. I will leave it to the moderator to decide to leave them here or move them to the front (thanks!)

    Anyway, enjoy! And thanks for all your support!

    Section 7.) size comparison


    MAN I love it!! it looks amazing! i would love to see that too! I need to know HOW DID YOU make the TINY little Valkyries? I just got my 1:3000 SDF-1 and i would be worried breaking and customizing it, but i wouldn't mind making tiny valkyries that could land on the flight deck. :D

  7. Hey

    I was looking at the Customized thread on SDF-1 1:2000 they LOOK phenomenal. I have a couple of questions has anyone decided to make the LITTLE tiny Valkyries for this SDF-1? AND PLEASE tell me how did those people make them?? i want to try... did they sculpt them from RICE? as well anyone Paint the macross CITY yet? :huh:

  8. The Enterprise didn't stand a chance.

    I used super glue on some parts, and as for cutting the parts off the sprue use a sharp X-acto blade, but make sure you get a cutting mat or you'll be leaving cut marks on your table or in my case bookshelf.

    Hey thanks for getting back to me, so crazy glue isn't good to use? I remember i use to use it on old toys and it caused some discoloration on the plastic.

  9. Yeah it looks great, I broke down and bought one and should be here by next week.

    I need help guys i read you need to glue some parts together? i never did great job with models. What kind of GLUE do i need? Crazy glue?? and where can i get this glue to put it together? and to pick the parts off the little plastic holder is scissors good enough?

    Thanks! :(

  10. This 1/3000 version seems a lot more reasonable in terms of size, even for people with lots of display room. The 1/2000 version is a bit much and a little too large to stuff into most display cases. I hope this is not a web exclusive item with a high $$ tag.

    Is there any word if this is an assembled and painted figure or one of those "do-it-yourself" type of kit?

    I was looking for a good sdf-1, but after looking I saw you Avatar pic, thats looks great! can you show me more pics of the city you built?

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