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  1. I thought the movie totally sucked. There was zero tension, zero suspense, and it was mostly really slow and boring with nothing happening. When something finally happened, it suddenly switched to spastic MTV editing so you couldn't even see what was happening. A bad episode of X-Files is more effective horror.

    I didn't read the manga, but Zuey sure thought this failed to recapture it.

    That pretty much sums it up. I read the manga awhile back and I loved it. When I found out it was made into a movie, I put it at the top of my Netflix queue, and was severely disappointed when I saw the film. I had to force myself to finish watching it. I really think that if I didn't read the manga first, I MIGHT have gotten a little more enjoyment out of this film, but not much.

  2. I went out to Walmart tonight to pick up some cleaning stuff and a movie, but I ended up buying the Walmart exclusive Republic Gunship. I really wanted the TRU exclusive that came out awhile back, but never got around to it, and I really regret it. So i picked this one up with a half dozen Clone troopers to put in it. I had no idea the the gunship would be so huge! I'll post pics tomorrow.

  3. And to stay on topic…..sorta. Has anyone received their VF-1A Higgy with S&S parts already from a different vendor? Have they even been released yet?

    I've had my VF-1A Hikaru with S&S parts for about a month or so now. It might have only been a couple of weeks, and I ordered him from HLJ.

  4. The fins look like they are folded out in that picture. And I agree, it's more likely to be cost cutting animation than actually intended. *snip*

    Nope. It was actually animated. The scene in question clearly shows the fins folding in. It's just really hard to tell since the pic is so cruddy (sorry valhary :unsure: )

  5. Like the title says, i'm looking for a set of 1/48 TV hands for my Roy, who looks silly with his dainty hands standing next to my newly purchased 1/60 VF-1A Hikaru :wacko:

    I can only pay by money order since Paypal is dead to me <_<


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