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  1. I want to see is armpits.

    Sounds weird, I know. But i want to see what gaps or covers the are between the chest and the backplate in battroid. Same with the slave behind the head.

    Slaves and armpits?!? Are you on the right forum?


  2. Yes you can all thank me for bugging Masei to produce this helmet in Fokker colors. Selling mine which arrived in rare unbroken condition. Masei helmets are not packaged well from their long overseas journey and usually arrive with some sort of damage or part broken/knocked off. Avoid all that headache and buy one already in the States. Also I will package properly.

    Has normal cockeyed arrows on sides of helmet, but paint job is absolutely fantastic on this helmet super Shiny and smooth. Size is LARGE and comes with pictured Masei helmet bag. All tags still on - NEW - Never worn, used for Cosplay, or displayed.

    $SPF shipped in US. Paypal gift or add 4%.










  3. I did not cut the visor at all.

    I did all modifications to the masei parts.

    They were already scratched and stuff so i felt safer doing that.

    Also.. I wonder if Masei can mail a visor without it breaking. ;)


  4. I'm hoping they will someday send me replacement parts that are in good shape! :)

    Thanks for the comment.

    I hope you like dremeling. (Or your precision cutting tool of choice) :) the edges of the plastic add-on parts to the helmet need some considerable trimming. I used a dremel quick-change cutting wheel, on medium speed, with the handheld attachment, and moved very slowly and carefully.

    I got one of the blue Chrome visors you used. I have a question was all the modifications done to the Masei parts like the top visor and other ad on pieces?

    Did you have to cut the actual Blue visor at all?


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