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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

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  1. Updated. Also since a few have asked:

    The g1 transformers are not for sale. These are my childhood toys. Yes, the bombshell is misb. It was a gift my grandparents forgot about years ago.

    The baseball is signed by Mike Trout when he played in the minors (really nice guy) and no, its not for sale either.

    Thanks for the interest though.

  2. I'm going to be moving soon, on top of interests changing and would rather not haul this stuff around with me. I can upload pics or take upon request, and I'll note any condition issues or info best I can. My work schedule is pretty hectic, but I will respond as soon as possible. I'm on the SSL and have made a lot of deals on here. Prices in USD and do not include shipping. Bulk discounts available as I want to offload this stuff. Best offers considered as I'm not sure the value of some of it so if I'm asking to much for something please msg me. Thanks.


    Yamato YF-19 w/ fast packs( no fold booster) and box - $100, no issues - sold.

    Yamato YF-19 missing box, paperwork - $50- sold

    CM Roy Focker figure missing stand and clear plastic visor in helmet - $20- sold

    CM Isamu Dyson figure missing stand- $25- sold

    Bandai 1/72 Alto VF-25 model kit unbuilt - $25- sold

    Bandai 1/72 Ozma VF-25 model kit unbuilt - $25- sold

    Star Wars Black series troop lot:

    3 Scarif Stormtroopers (walmart exclusive)

    6 Imperial Death troopers

    3 AT-ACT drivers (target exclusive)

    2 First order tie fighter pilots

    USD $130 for the lot.

    All have boxes, weapons etc. One AT-ACT driver missing the plastic insert that goes in his box.

    Transformers (All combiners only come with 5 core components and weapons, no legends class 6th member) no boxes:

    Combiner Wars Superion (w/Alpha Bravo, not slingshot) - 60

    Combiner Wars Menasor (w/ the truck, not wild rider) - 60

    Combiner Wars Defensor (w/Rook, not Groove) - 60

    Combiner Wars Optimus - 15

    Generations Rhinox-15

    Generations Brainstorm-15

    Generations Roadbuster-15

    Generations Cybertron Grimlock-20

    Animated Voyager Optimus- 20

    Animated Voyager Grimlock- 20

    Animated Deluxe Megatron- 5

    Animated Deluxe Slag (Triceratops) - 5

    Take all listed transformers for 225. Sold.

    Gundam kits 1/144 (unbuilt):


    Gundam 00- 20

    Red Frame- 20

    P bandai Blue Frame - 40

    Z gok (opened one bag to take action connector off sprue, connector is included) -15

    Sinanju- 30

    Strike Freedom- 20

    Wing Zero Custom- 20

    RG Quanta - 20


    GN arms type D w/dynames- 50

    Hazel custom- 15


    Hobby Japan Primrose add on kit (rare)- 50

    Deathscythe Hell EW -10

    Wing Zero Custom EW-10

    Murasame (waldfeld) -10

    Astaroth (Blue) - 10

    Schwalbe Graze- 10

    Space Jahannam Klim Nick use- 15

    Forever Gundam- 15

    Extreme Gundam- 15

    Gundam f91 - 10

    GN sword 1V full saber - 10

    Zgok 1/144 (old school) -5

    1/550 Val Walo kit

    Gundam 1/144 (built):

    For this one I'm just going to list all kits, and put a price on the lot. If one or a few things catch your attention let me know. All kits are topcoated with matte, I will specify what's painted. Some painted well, but as with all model kit builders, painting is evolutionary lol.


    Gundam Mk. II w/flying armor

    The O

    Rick Dias (clips on back pack that hold rifles broken)

    Guncannon (painted british army green/gunmetal, nice paint job)

    Sazabi (painted crimson red and dark reddish/orange, really came out well)

    Hi Nu Gundam (painted in traditional colors, wish I could take credit but Vegeta8259 painted it, check it out on youtube)


    Hazel (titans colors)

    Strike Noir (painted, kept color scheme, painted well)

    Hi Nu GPB (painted green, red, gold and white. Not my best work lol)

    Miguel Ginn (painted blue and white, awful job, backpack broken)

    Ahead Smultron (pained metallic Burgundy, cool color but awful paintjob)

    Gundam 00 riser special color ver

    Gundam Cheridum with special weapons

    Gundam Arios

    Gundam Seravee

    O gundam

    Gundam Throne Eins (painted black/gray, good paint job)

    Tieren Ground type

    Gundam Unicorn

    Gundam Unicorn Destroy


    Delta Plus

    Gundam Banshee destroy (painted gold parts metallic bronze and coated in high gloss, looks awesome, good paint job)

    Try Burning Gundam (painted in EVA 01 colors, unfinished but all purple and green done)






    Aile Strike Gundam

    Destiny Gundam (with butterfly wing effect parts and stand)

    HG kits misc, (snapped and nothing else)

    Tryon, Unicorn FA destroy and reg., multiple 00 riser, condensor versions, 7-11 RX-78-2, Build fighters kits, a PG Evangelion (bought this snapped, missing vinyl coverings, had a great idea how to get more mobility and create better coverings, never got around to it, I will share it if you buy), a 1/48 Legioss Alpha 3 mode variable (started, barely) and lots of hobby japan goodies, some action bases, etc. All in all easily 25 kits here.

    Note: I will NOT disassemble these to ship. I will however, make sure that they are packaged extremely carefully and arrive to you as unharmed as possible.  I've shipped built kits in the past with much success.

    Asking 250 everything in the built kit list.

    Will take 500 for all the gundam/kit stuff combined (built and unbuilt).

    For the hardcore nerd, 700 takes EVERYTHING listed.

    Not everything listed is pictured. Some of it is stored in boxes already.

    Again, thanks for reading this, pics on request, and I am absolutely accepting best offers and large bulk discounts if you buy several items.





















  3. I quit collecting years ago, when the VF-1 2.0's began coming out. I sold off all my stuff except for what I loved. All I kept was a V2 1/60 VF-1S Roy, A VF-1S Hikaru 1/48 with strike packs, a 1/48 VF-1J stealth with packs, a 1/48 Low viz, 1/48 Max 1A which I keep in GBP, and a 1/60 YF-19. I did just buy a 2nd 19 here on the forums to display in battroid (since it's my favorite in both modes and was a good deal) and a renewal Ozma.

    That being said, since I quit and only recently started casually collecting, I don't feel that burn to get every release anymore. But yeah, prices are getting way out of hand as I have kept up with the market somewhat.

  4. Not one to start trouble, but did it dawn on anyone that maybe Bandai have the 1S in that goofy pose to show off the leg articulation, especially in the ankles? Because by moving the hips in like that you're centering the weight, and maybe they're just trying to show the legs and ankles can easily hold it up while posed.

    There's a lot of debate on this about lineart, Yamato, etc. and some really good points. I for one am getting this, and not only because I like the design. I see people keep bringing up lineart, but ask yourselves this: At what point do we let go of 30 year old lineart, and embrace a new take on the design? Isn't it in some ways, whether you like the end product or not, refreshing to see an alternate take on a classic mecha that very few people care about anymore? At least Bandai is trying, and whether you hate it or not, you have to give them that much credit. They've tried over the years, with Macross frontier, the classic 1/55 reissues, Hi metals, etc.

    No company has "nailed it". They all have problems. You can't compare a flawed product to a flawed product to a flawed product (Yamato vs. Bandai vs. Hasegawa). Point is, even if you don't buy it, just be glad Bandai is still paying attention to a remote, small corner of the mecha community when they didn't really have to. I'm sure Gundam, evangelion, and all the other stuff make them enough money as it is.

  5. Well, I guess that's my main complaint here.. It doesn't look as good (or accurate) to me as the Yamato 1/60 in several ways, it's significantly smaller, much more fragile, and it's not that much cheaper. A couple of the Yamato 1/60 kits I got for about $5 more than this kit will cost, and while I have serious doubts about the durability of this kit, I know for a fact that the Yamato design can handle dozens of transformations, because it was designed to be played with.

    I can appreciate that they're trying new things with the design, and I like the way they're trying to do the hips accurately, but at the same time I've got serious reservations about some of the changes they're making, because I really don't like how they look. Even if those ankle joints make more sense, and the knees can bend a lot further forward with those kneecaps, I really don't care for them, and they're nothing like the original animation to boot.

    If this were 6-7 years ago, I'd be with you. However, being a Gundam/Bandai fan (I know, boo) their kits have really come a long way, even since the frontier kits. Hell, MG Delta Plus seems extremely durable and it's transformable as well, and it's transformation is far more complex than a VF1. And if you did compare it to Frontier, I think the durability of the VF1 will be enhanced due to it's simpler design. As far as decal/paint abuse, I wouldn't be surprised if the chest pieces/wing trim were molded in the correct plastic already.

    I will concede that I don't like the FP, but I don't see what the big deal about the nose is.

  6. Change of plans. I'm ending the sale tomorrow, due to the fact that I'm going to be working a lot for the next 2-3 weeks and won't have much time to pack and ship this stuff...anyone I'm holding stuff for is still ok or working on a deal with, I'm cutting it off tomorrow night, then the rest is going to ebay. Sorry, but I really don't have a choice. Thanks everyone.

  7. Due to lack of interest, I'm getting rid of a large chunk of my collection (what's left of it), all prices are OBO, no low ballers. I ship internationally, but I ask that the buyer pays for insurance. Buyers are responsible for all shipping costs, paypal fees, etc. I don't overcharge for shipping. I'm on the SSL, and have 100% positive feedback on ebay with almost 200. So here we go:

    Bandai Evangelion Unit 01 SOC spec 01, 35.00 (SOLD):


    Yamato Macross DYRL 1/60 VF-1S Strike Version 1, unapplied stickers, 60.00 (HOLD):


    Yamato Macross DYRL 1/60 VF-1A Hikaru, minor wear, version 1, 25.00 (HOLD):


    Bandai DX 1/60 God Gundam, pristine condition, never assembled, TRU Japan limited, rare, 60.00:


    Bandai DX Shining Gundam Japanese release, excellent condition, 40.00:


    Bandai DX Nu Gundam, never assembled, seal on box broken once, mint, 50.00


    Bandai DX GP-02 complete, excellent shape, beat up box, 25.00 (SOLD)


    Hasbro Masterpiece Skywarp, transformed once to plane, back to robot, 35.00 (SOLD)


    Bandai DX lot, GP01 FB complete, Dragon Gundam complete, Wing Gundam minus beam saber, plus Gainax big EVA's 00 (missing shoulder guards), EVA 02 and EVA 03. Not sure if these came with weapons or not, the EVA's have some wear, they're huge, about 15 inches. Prices are:

    GP01: 20.00 (SOLD)

    Dragon: 30.00

    Wing: 20.00

    EVA's (each) 8.00

    or take the lot for 50.00


    Transformers Hasbro Masterpiece Optimus, no accessories, paint wear, someone painted his mouth plate (although it looks pretty good IMO), 40.00 (SOLD)


    Academy 1/60 (?!) Mushacloth MK.II Gundam. Excellent shape, bought it from a member on here, it's awesome, great quality and huge. Think Jumbo Grade size (18+ inches). Complete with unused stickers, pretty rare, I've only seen two for sale in the past couple years. No chrome wear. Armor is removable, it's a blown up 1990's Musha cloth gundam basically, 100.00


    Bandai DX Sazabi, complete, no box, great shape, 65.00


    Bandai 1/60 Gundam seed kit lot, Freedom, Strike, Force Impulse,panel lined, 35.00 each or 90.00 for the lot. (SOLD)


    Bandai Wing Zero 1/60 kit, I restored this by stripping off the paint and rebuilding it (whoever built it originally brush painted it), so it has a faint smell of pinesol LOL, but it's rare and a great chance to add it to your collection, Bandai won't be releasing it again anytime soon, 35.00


    Bandai F91 1/60, panel lined, stickered, complete with booklet, 25.00


    Bandai F91 1/60 Harrison custom, custom decals made, weapons need painting, and if you want to give him a dullcoat that's up to you, 35.00


    Bandai 1/60 God Gundam, panel lined/light weathering, minor painting, 35.00


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Zeta Gundam, complete, no panel lines, no sticker sheet, but you can get better decals from samuel decal anyway, 150.00


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam Red Frame, unbuilt and complete, 200.00 (SOLD)


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom #1. Unpanellined, unpainted. The bad: missing beam sabers, one piece on the backpack for the wings (easily remedied by ordering a part from gundamstore or bandai, which is free) however the wing stays in fine with out it. Also, the palm of the left hand is SLIGHTLY damaged where the pinky finger fits in, however it WILL stay in, I put a drop of glue on it and it hasn't fallen out since. Not sure on the wiring, I've never put batteries in it and bought this 75% built. It looks partially assembled, but I have all the armor pieces and buster rifle. -65.00


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Zero Custom #2. Minor painting and panel lining, this one had batteries in it however the Wing Zero in general has finicky wiring, so when it when out I never fixed it, should be easy to do though. The bad: One wing (the left outside one) is static. It was glued into place (not the wing but the support that holds it),not that it matters since the posability is so limited due to the lack of a proper stand. You could buy both Wing Zero's from me and use one's wing on the other. 90.00 or both Zero Customs for 135.00


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Mk.II AEUG. Built by me, no problems, wiring is done but again, I never put batteries in any of my kits, 100.00: (HOLD)


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade RX-78-2. Not mentioning the battery thing again, only problem is an ankle guard is missing the pegs to clip it in on the front, easily fixable by even an amateur with super glue.-100.00


    Bandai 1/60 Char's Zaku. Bad: Minor discoloration of the top head piece, easily fixable with a little paint. It was painted green so I had to strip it, which caused the shiny coating on the plastic to come off. Also, I didn't wire it. If you want to it'd be easy, just a series of contacts to be put in it, 80.00 (SOLD)


    Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Gundam w/Aile striker. Complete, wired, 150.00


    I have most of the boxes for this stuff, however it will cost more to ship. I don't want to sound like an ass, but I WILL NOT box the PG boxes, if you want the box, I will wrap the PG box in heavy paper multiple times and insulate with bubble wrap, but it is a royal pain in the ass finding boxes that big. Most of the stuff is complete, especially the models, and I'll field any questions etc. I'm giving this a week before ebay, I need this stuff gone, but not so bad I'm going to lose a ton of money on it. I will offer bulk buying discounts (we can negotiate on that) and combined shipping of course. In the unlikely event that there is an overcharge, if it's more than 5.00 including packaging costs I'll refund the difference. No trades please. Most of the model kits have been panel lined or have detailing, minor painting but look really nice IMO.

    Although it's unlikely, here's a price for all of it: 1500 and I'll pay half the shipping. That's 250 off plus half off shipping.

    Thanks all!

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