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  1. 6 hours ago, RedWolf said:

     Gramia VI volunteered as a pilot for Vindirance.


    It's weird to find out the King of Windermere once fought alongside Aegis Focker.

    Edit: also, I didn't think the Second Unification War was widespread enough to reach the Brisingr Cluster.

  2. 4 hours ago, RedWolf said:

    Aegis now a Colonel in command of the VF-X Ravens

    Are Suzie and Syun still part of the Ravens?

    5 hours ago, RedWolf said:

     His squadron is made of the VF-19S, VF-19P and VF-22.

    We know Aegis was a master of every Valkyrie, but what does he canonically fly, or his most iconic craft?

    5 hours ago, RedWolf said:

    Manfred Brando, CEO of Critical Path Corporation. Manfred sponsored the 117th Research Fleet. He is the one that saved and recruited Grace for the Galaxy conspiracy or Cyber Nobles. 

    Is he one of the disbodied voices in Grace's head? And when you said final battle, were you talking about the one above the Vajra homeworld?


    Thanks for the answers.

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