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  1. Some of you here may remember that I was once a seller here on MW, and for a time, I ran a full-time proxy service from Tokyo. Being a collector myself, and knowing PayPal rules, and just by doing my due diligence as a seller I had hardly ever had problems with items being damaged. I also knew that taking a loss was inevitably in the cards, no matter who’s fault it was by. That is the price of doing business, and it’s as simple as that.


    This is not a case of dealing with a buyer trying to scam the seller, this is just — the seller harassing the buyer over — his own bad business practices. Being on the blacklist is appropriate. 


    Besides, it’s not like the seller couldn’t  have invested in extra bubble wrap (hell even old newspapers) as cushion and over sizes shipping boxes without taking a loss, since he had — saved money by not paying for a — license — to produce the item in the first place. 




  2. Consume whatever you like and all that, but for those out there who are deliberately breaking international laws, just remember one day, the Chogokins are coming home to roost.

    KO and 3rd Party makers, welcome to 2020! Investigation to raid and arrests took less than three months.

    "The knockoff toys, sold on the Internet under another name, differed from authentic ones only in size, according to police."

    Yeah, "BlackAces Mac Z 1/72 Tomcat “Shin Special” Custom Diecast Metal Collectors’ Model" ain't gonna fly.



  3. 31 minutes ago, TheLoneWolf said:

    Calibre Wings has actually done business before with Big West. Their 1/72 F-14 S and J Types were originally sold at Wonderfest in Japan, albeit on a limited basis, so they already have an existing business relationship with Big West to build upon.


    As for Harmony Gold, their involvement would be stricly limited to trademark licensing, since Macross Zero designs are Big West's IP. Considering that Macross Zero is easily one of the least popular shows in the Macross franchise, it makes for a good test subject in this type of business venture. Moreover, all of Calibre Wings' models are supposedly "one-shot" releases, further minimizing Big West's exposure should things turn sour.

    Also, Calibre Wings' owner, Noel Lee, has been in the merchandising and licensing business for over a decade. I'd be shocked if he began marketing a Macross Zero product before receiving tentative approval from Big West.

    Actually that was done by Black Aces/Noel (individual/amateur kit circle) and not by Calibre Wings, it's was also a one-day license which is not a direct interaction with the rights holder (BW), they are arranged on behalf of the event organizers. :)

  4. 21 hours ago, BEAST said:

    Still watching the MD series for the first time. Not sure if I read the subtitles right. I did a search for this here but I did not see any specific mention of it.

    Before I go reading through all the replies, which are you watching, the official releases that included Eng subs, or by-ear fan subs?

  5. On 4/9/2019 at 9:52 AM, Bolt said:

    Any of you guys witnessing the po cluster *duck in Japan with the 1/48 DX max?

    Anyone of you secure one?

    (Adrian must’ve!):p

    Akiba is pretty much Bandai Tamashi HQ, since they are working really close with Sofmap on releases and promotional displays. Getting one on release day shouldn't be a problem.  Plus there are still other shops like Yellow Sub, Akiba X, and Tokyo Anime Center (nobody ever checks there). The Hikaru Vf-1J lasted about a week in shops before it sold out.

  6. On 12/9/2018 at 7:25 AM, Seto Kaiba said:

    The irony is not lost on me one bit.

    Macross II was, after all, Macross's attempt to go full Gundam done by Gundam staffers from Char's Counterattack and Zeta Gundam.  

    Mechanical designers didn't have input on the direction of the plot of II. Fun Fact: In Japan everybody refers to it as Obari's Macross (and he didn't work on any of the Gundam shows you had mentioned.


  7. 40 minutes ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Not that I've seen.  Japan and China both have some pretty aggressive ideas about personal space, and that kind of touching wouldn't be done casually... and especially not in front of others.

    Wong again. Seen? Seen where? In person? On TV? While you visited or lived in Japan? It happens behind closed doors in front of other girls and women (onsen), and in front of others from time to time as well. It depends on the group of girls or women. It has happened in front of me a few times, the first two times it was jaw-drapping, then it was just something some people do. Even drunk JP guys get too touchy with guys sometimes, your blocking form needs to be quick.


  8. 1 hour ago, Seto Kaiba said:

    Eh... while I don't doubt that Kawamori is exercising broad oversight over the Macross franchise, I just have a hard time believing he's micromanaging things to the extent you're implying here.

    Tochiro and myself had first hand experience with what you're having a hard time believing. Even with the official English subtitles Kawamori was in the loop and signed off on things. And it wasn't just on the scripts being a native translation. He made sure that the nuance of dialogs and song lyrics were clear. I also spoke about it at last years SDcon panel.

  9. Do they have the Faerie also?

    Yep, but that one isn't as cheap, yet. They have it at 18,000.

    Do you know if ET considered the VF-2SS line a success? Or is their Macross II line dead? I think there was a pic showing a green striped version...thinking that may never see a release.

    I have no idea. The VF-2SS probably sold well enough compared to their other toys lines. Last week's Miyazawa Mokei they only had Super Robot stuff on display, not ever the Legioss what there.

  10. "B-"

    Glad the guy liked it and gave it a "B-", even if for all the wrong reasons.

    The movie scores an A+ if you ask me. Everything important in the movie went right over the above review's head. At least he like it, and that's good for the film, even though he's thinking it's suppose to be "a Godzilla film", which was not really the point or realistic Japanese social commentary Ano captured.

    I caught it in California last week, and I was so surprised that the audience actually applauded at the end of the film.

  11. I'll be in So. Cal for a few more weeks so here are a few things I had left over from MWcon 2016. A few more items will go up as I unpack.

    PM if you have any questions. Prices do not include shipping.

    Bandai DX Chogokin

    Macross Quarter (Damaged but complete with all parts with display stand without packaging) $60.00


    Macross Kit

    VF-1 Atmospheric BOOSTER Display Base sculpted by F. Moscato, released by Samurai Monkey (NEW original not a recast! Complete with packaging) $100.00

    Bandai The Robot Spirits SIDE MS

    Loose but complete:
    R-Number 009 GNX-609T GN-X III A-Raws Type (Complete without packaging) $15.00
    R-Number 065 GN-006/SA Cherudim Gundam Saga (Complete without packaging) $20.00
    R-Number 072 ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (One beam attach pin broken otherwise complete, without packaging) $15.00

    Loose missing parts:
    R-Number 018 GNX-609T GN-X III ESFF Type (Missing beam saber and shoulder armor piece, without packaging) $10.00
    R-Number 092 GN-001/hs-A01 Gundam Avalanche Exia (Missing all four beams and, four out of five hands) $15.00


    HCM Pro SP-001 Sazabi Special Metallic Painted (Complete without packaging) RARE $50.00

    Keroro Fix Figuration #6003 KA-006 (Mising Base, cannon without packaging) $5.00

    Nenderoid 81 Drossel Von Flugel Fireball (Complete without packaging) $10.00

  12. The individual releases all look so good (especially the limited edition box that holds the first 3 volumes)... but I'm considering holding out for the box set. Where was the box set officially announced? I wonder if the box set would have all the extra non disc content (artwork, booklets, etc) that the individual sets have.

    There is no box set being planned as of now. Frontier's box set came 5+ years after the original DVDs and Blurays were individually all released. There probably will be a complete box set at some point, but there is no guarantee the English sub will be reused.

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