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  1. HMR VF-1A with superparts next will be M&M and some flight stands


    1/100 F-14 this is all kinds of awesome thanks to sh9000 and Slave IV for showing us these :)


  2. The Valk is tiny compared to the f14.

    the f14 is way cheaper also has more detail might have to get some more soon

    Also have been messing around with the filter app you guys have been using would be a good way to Learn how to cell shade paint on models :)

  3. Could someone help out looking for the 1/100 Armoured hanger in oz as the shipping from Japan to Australia is about the same as the kit, cheers


  4. Cheers for that do you own any of the wave PS kits 

    If so what's the pros and cons of them,hope that makes sense as I can't find any reviews for the wave kits as I would like to get some if there any good 

  5. Anyone built the 1/35 PS version wave kits and have a review on the kit?

    Also how do the Takara DMZ toy compare to the bandai 1/20 kit,is it worth the extra coin?

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