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  1. Well I do not find Lansay mark. I assume it is one because I am in France and it really look like the one I saw on picture on google. one thing also is sometimes it said that it is a vf-1J. Someone  told me around 250€ for the price. What do you think ? Thanks for your help anyway 

  2. Hello guys, I am a robot collector, new in this forum and I do not know if I am at right place. I want to sell this very rare Valkyrie. It has been made by Lansay with the Bandai Mold. (So technically it is possible to say it is a KO). The problem is that I do not have an idea of what price will be fair because it is very rare. According to what I read it is the rarest version for Valkyrie. Mine is in good shape but unfortunately on loose... if you can help on it it will be great !!




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