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  1. Found the Neca TMNT Turtles in Disguise 4-pack cartoon  figures at my local Target here in Las Vegas. The Rep was stocking the shelves from 2 large Neca boxes. My son & I waited patiently and finally she pulled out 3 sets of the Turtles. Took 2, one for myself & the other set to trade. Really lucky finding the Target & Walmart Turtles lately. Good hunting.

  2. I'm another Vegas Macross fan/collector. 20 years here from San Diego originally. Watched the ROBO#$%^ series as a kid then in 91' while serving overseas in Okinawa I found the real Macross and enjoyed it ever since. I'm 49 now and still watch Macross and collect too. Good to meet fellow Vegans who love Macross

  3. Just watched your review. Thanks for uploading as I've been looking forward to it. Love this line but with the known defects I'm scared to fiddle around with mine. I do hope they address the issue in any upcoming releases.


  4. Looking to add a Bandai DX VF-31F Super Parts set to my collection. Shoot me best price shipped with PayPal fees to Las Vegas, NV 89117. I'm on the straightshooters list & prefer seller to also be on it. Thanks. 

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