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  1. Mine has finally arrived! Tomorrow I will begin putting the Arcadia and Bandai through their paces... but it will probably take a couple weeks to get it all done... anymoon is many things... but it's not fast.

    Jenius: Awesome. Can't wait to see your review and side by side shots of the birds.

  2. from rnurmin's flickr, rotated:


    Thanks, Barurutor.

    I was having a hard time trying to attach a pic, hence I saved them into flickr instead.

    One thing I noticed from my Bandai:

    - the right wing metal bar clicks when I rotate the wings. I didn't hear the same click on the left wing. I recalled seeing the same message across other members where left wing's metal bar doesn't click

    From quick comparison:

    - The gaps on the legs in Bandai (between the shield in fighter mode) is an eye sore. Arcadia won on this part. Kind of wishing that they either make the top section of the leg a bit wider or make a wider shield.

    - Amount of Tampos. Bandai won this hands down. Hopefully Arcadia will take notice of this and implement it on their future release. The comparison pic made Arcadia's look really bland.

    I like both versions (Arcadia and Bandai), each has its' own strengh and weakness.

    Will try to attach the fast pack booster tomorrow and see if the right booster has the same issue

  3. Finally had time to open the box of Bandarcadia (got it last Friday). Haven't had a chance to transform it yet.

    I also pull out my Arcadia and upon comparing and holding the two (swooshing thru the room), I noticed that the Arcadia version is a tad bit bigger and heavier. Not sure what plastic materials used in both toys. Below are shots of each valk in its' weight in grams.

    Arcadia: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11228827@N08/19254223015/in/datetaken/

    Bandarcadia: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11228827@N08/19254224315/in/datetaken/

    Image oh both from side view: notice the curviness of Arcadia's jet on the front vs Bandai: https://www.flickr.com/photos/11228827@N08/18631774774/in/datetaken/

    I must admit, after 20 yrs, Isamu and YF-19 lost some weight :D

  4. Anyway,I have to say, I like this toy so much that I just bought a second one locally at a retail store, so I can keep one in Fighter mode and one in Battroid mode.

    This toy just does it for me and screams to be handled, played with and touched.

    I thought the Arcadia YF-19 would do the same, but it was just underwhelming to me and sits untouched, unloved and unplayed with.

    I think though that given that Bandai directly copied several of Arcadia's gimmicks, such as the removeable head cover, leg missile bay and hi-speed mode wings, I'm going to call call this a 'Bancadia'......hahahah!


    LOL on the "Banana bend" and "Bancadia."

    I'm going to start calling the gunpod as "banana-pod" cuz of the bending functionality

  5. So i got mine today. I bought it from anime export, my first buy from them. I ordered it on Thursday, got shipped on friday and i received it on wednesday. Very fast service i have to say, considering i live in Italy. Overall the service from anime export was really excellent, fast, clear and above all, for the first time in years i did not have to pay any import duties. I don't know why but that made me happy this morning. In the end i ended up paying everything around 200 €, slightly more expensive than what would have been if i could pre-order it but still not bad at all.

    I promised myself this would have been a gift for my birthday, so although i opened the package i want to wait until July 2nd to open the box. Will i resist? God, it's gonna be a challenge!

    Anyhow i wanted to post this also for letting all the other users know about my experience with animeexport. It was really good, so if i were in you i would check that website regularly, i have the feeling it is gonna pop up pretty often in the future, hopefully at a reasonable price.

    If $200 Euro is including EMS shipping, that is still a great deal. Pretty sure a lot of us here pay at least $210 USD even with the cheapest price at HLJ w EMS shipping

  6. Wow that link is still up!

    Yeah, not to mention that it's cheaper by 4K Yen (around $30ish). You can pretty much get it shipped via EMS for 28K Yen, which brings the valk price to $233ish.

    Wonder if Bandai decides to increase manufactury qty due to demand.

    Quoting a member's post here: I guess folks are underestimating the power of Isamu.

  7. The mysterious HLJ secure link order worked for me! Got payment request a few minutes ago.

    Thanks to the guy that found that link.

    +1 to this too. The secure link order worked for me as well and payment was requested by HLJ.

  8. LOL. That's a lot of spending.

    Re Tesla: r u getting the battery or ordering the gull-wing car?

    god that is a lot of tampo. looking forward to gettting mine when hlj gets off its butt and ships my private warehouse stuff. lol. i'm now wondering if i want to hunt down a second one.....its a REALLY bad month though for toy expenditures (this, the sheryl special vf-117, gbps vf-1j, mp-10 reissue, sever, tesla, some SW stuff, some used stuff i just bought too...most spendy month ever for toys...anybody need a kidney? maybe a vf-0s or 0a? lol). lol

  9. I tried it quickly but its friction based. I thought there were grooves on the metal arm for a reason but apparently not. The left metal arm is slightly looser than the right too.

    Thanks for posting the pics. Glad you got your VF-19

    Can you see which parts of it are made from diecast? I think some members here also wondered if the backpack are made from hard plastic or metal?

    Now go around your home and do some barrel roll :lol:

  10. It seems once you get a good look of how a Valk transforms, the magic is lost and the attraction starts to fade on them.

    I have 2 on order too.. but now I'm not sure if I should keep both so I'll never have to transform either :D or sell one and to save space

    Also a little worried if any of the transformation steps may cause scratching of the paint / tampo printing all over this bird.

    PM-ed you if you want to sell one :)

  11. Hi All,

    Want to revive this thread as the last post was made in 2010.

    I just recently relocated to Singapore. I'm trying to figure out which stores to visit. Can you provide the name and address of the toy stores as I'm still new to Singapore? =)

    Definitely hoping to snag one of Bandai's VF-19 Advance as most online places are sold out. If you have one to spare, let me know.

    Many thanks in advance.


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