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  1. Do any of you long time pro cel collectors have any advice where to find a decently priced cel worth framing?

    I don't really want to collect but want to frame one from the original series. (Trying to make a nice display) :)

    I keep checking ebay and cel sites but not much around.

    Is there somewhere good I don't know about?

    Is going to AX my best bet or wait for ebay?

    Any info would be appreciated! :)

  2. Hey folks, been checking the site for some time hoping to see more stuff pop up about posters, if anyone has or knows of some good places to check for original Macross prints please let me know! Been watching ebay and yahoo and got a comico ad and dyrl print but having a lot of trouble finding anything else. Especially the holy grail tbs/mbs advertisement :D


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