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  1. Is the google document for the guider messed up for anyone else?

    The pictures are grainy and inverted now and some the information in it are cut off.

    Like there is abit of writing and it ends with the majority of it being blank.

    Some pages are listed but arent clickable.

    Examples of the pictures I'm seeing:



    Information cut off:


  2. What I would give to own that promotional Basara and Mylene pop stand. I wonder if they are available somewhere... Not that I'll probably be able to afford one.

    The reason I say that is because I own a Rei Ayanami 1:1 pop stand that I bought for quite a fair amount of dollars at a con. I haven't been able to find anymore of them or any info on them on the internet either. So I'm guessing they are pretty rare.

    Ah man not to mention that awesome guitar as well.

  3. First one, go to Phobos base(フォボス基地) to get 4 Materials (資材)。

    Second one, go to Phobos ruins(フォボス遺跡) to get Statue of guarding machine(守護兵器の像)

    In case your PC cannot view Japanese, my same message here:


    I have completed all quest and got the SSS Hunter Trophy. Trying to max out my planes right now.

    Ah thanks I got it now. I went to wrong base.... the other one that started with F up further north. The map in the translation said Fovos but ボ has a bo sound and the only one that showed up on my map according to the guide was Faros. I was like okay maybe it was mispelled and ment this one!

  4. Anyone know how to do these two hunter quest I'm stuck on? I can't figure out what to do even with the translation guide. I'm at Chapter 2-3.


    According to the guide it is telling me to go Fovos Base and collect items. Went in there for a story mission cleared it out went back in there were zero enemies around and all I could get was repair kits and ammo boxes.


    This one is telling me to find a guardian and get it's picture apparently? Where do I find one and get this picture.

    Help would be much appricated. Thanks!

    I know I can just ignore the hunter quests but the completionist in me will just go ballistic.

  5. Looks like the save files are locked to the systems unfortunately....

    This is the screen cap of what I got when I tried to load your save


    Unless I cant access it for another reason please tell me. I'll update as I get the icons or until someone else is able to get screenshots of them for you.

  6. Wow awesome man!

    Did those item icons (Exclamation point box, Jewel) work for you? not really sure if they were since I could only get a picture of them in the hanger. So not sure if they were of good quality.

    Noticed that page 8 has a extra bulletin point and page 15 is blank. Not a big deal at all especially since it is a pre 1.0 guide and you probably already spotted them. Just point them out is all.

    Let me know if you need anything more from me.

  7. Ah I see.

    I only have the auto-guard and repair auto skill unlocked now. So like I said earlier if you or anyone else is further in the game then me. They can just send me Ps3 save of their game via email SkyYuyo@hotmail.com which is easy to copy the game save by sticking a thumb drive in a controller/USB slot for the PS3. Since I don't think this game has locked saves. That way I get screenshot more of them.

  8. All right... version 0.96 update: 100% of blueprints are in, including DLC blueprints. Apparently there are 3 different DLC aircraft... can someone clarify that for me? I know the YF-29 30th came free with all first printings of the game... but what about the VF-1J 30th and VF-25 20th?

    Anyway, thank you SkyYuyo for the screen-grabs. I'll sort through those tomorrow, and once I do the last few photo-translations it'll be the big one-point-oh... and then I'll paste everything into a web guide to make things easier for folks.


    Oh, @SkyYuyo: I can understand why the first two columns of the gallery would be all ???? question marks, but are you saying you don't have anything for the third column? That's really the only one I need--the first two columns are just completed missions & races.

    Sorry, feel like an idiot found the gallery thing you were talking about I thought you wanted everything at first... I'm sending them to you now.

    As for the DLC I got three from the limited edition.

    1) VF-1S (30th)- Which has Mylene Jenius & Lynn Minmay on it.

    2) VF-25F (30th)- Ranka & Sheryl (Wedding Dresses?)

    3) VF-29 (30th)- Ranka & Sheryl (Stage outfits)

    I can take screen grabs of those if you want them for some reason as well.

    Also how do I upgrade my Valk to Rank 2? I built a new one but can't seem to upgrade my VF-00 to Rank 2 no matter what I do even though in the mechanic area It has two stars right above it but when I go to my layout It has only one star.

  9. Okay sent over two emails of screenshots. I didn't take any of the gallery since my gallery has a bunch of ????. I think I got the icons (not sure about the Armor icon) for you but I'm not sure if they are useable because they are taken from the hanger. I wish there was a gallery of just icons but I couldn't find any.

    Took some shots of the Hanger, tuning tabs, customization ship builder, and took some pictures of the two auto skills you already have in the hanger. As well as a couple of other screen shots which include the different control layouts Type A, B,C.

    I couldn't find the Equipment pack customization screen with the Type-A/Type-B. If someone can point me to where it is I'll take a snapshot of it. I might of not unlocked it yet.

    Hopefully some of these will be of use. Like I said if someone has a late game save they can send me I can use that to get the rest of the auto-skills/gallery(maybe).

    Tomorrow or later tonight I'll start a new game on easy and just go as far as I can. Disregarding the hunter guild to try to get more stuff unlocked/screenshot.

  10. Well I just got my game capture device today and been testing it abit. It's like 2GBs for a 10 min video for the best settings on it hopefully if I render it in Sony Vegas it will shrink the size down abit. I tried a test video involving the opening of the game but the audio got blocked on youtube by sony music.

    This is alittle weird since there are a couple of videos of the opening on youtube right now but I dont think I have a ground to stand on to dispute it with it just being the opening itself. The good news is the picture quality looks great though (it was the best one I saw on youtube anyways).

    As for the Icons I only have the two you got on my list since I'm in the beginning. I'm going to have to push forward to get more icons or if there is someone who can send me a zip file of their game save that is pretty far in already or beaten the game I can use that and snapshot as much as I can. 90% of PS3 game saves are not locked and can be copied over with a Thumb drive.

    So if anyone has a game save I can use. Please send it to SkyYuyo@hotmail.com Thanks. If not I'll try to advance as soon as I can.

    For the menus do you want me to just go around the hanger/ on the field menus taking snapshots?

  11. Yeah I should be able to help get menus for you atleast. Where is the auto skills part exactly? I didn't really get that far in to the game yet. I remember the last thing I did was open up the Hunter's Guild but I'm just start over on easy when I get the recorder to just get to everything as fast I can.

    As for the plot... unfortunately, I was suppose to take Japanese 102 this semester but it got dropped due to low enrollment. The most I only know of is the very basics from my Japanese 101 class. So, I'm thinking the best I can do story wise other then understanding it or picking up the jist of what was said sometimes was to record the dialogue for it.

    PS. I think I might of found a possible error on the guide.


  12. I'm not sure if anyone is interested but...

    I just ordered a gaming capture device off of Amazon. I'm hoping I'll be able to possibly do some kind of Let's play or some kind of chapter break up video involving character dialogues up in a organized way.

    I'm hoping it will help out if someone is interested in translating story dialogue or get some kind of rough idea of the story. In combination I also have a video editing program so I'm hoping I might possibly be able to take some screenshots that way as well.

    It will probably take me a week or so to get my hands on the recording device though.

  13. the last two is "concentration" and "spirit, or soul (tamashii)". I can read only kanji.....but nothing else. :p

    Wow I wish I had that ability right now. I only know five Kanji and all Hiragana and Katakana which pretty easy to learn. Anyways would a scan of the game manual help in some way?

  14. I should try that then to see if it works on normal mode as well. I was noticing It took me about 5-7 mins to destory one those bandit ships as I did very little damage. On another seems like there is a thread trying to make a translation guide now.

  15. I'm having some trouble with the Hunter Guild quests. Can't seem to figure out what the first two from Daoren want me to do...

    if it is the same two I got. One is to the northwest if you check the map screen you see this light blue bubble. When you get to the area there are a bunch of pillars sticking out from the water and on top of some of them are chest. Collect five and that one should be cleared.

    The second one is a chest behind the Hunter Guild/shop building. When looking up for this quest I think you need to deliver this item to a new area which is two the west of the SDF. Then I think you have to clear out the bandit ship and enemy Valkyries around it to enter the building where you need to deliver. Now I'm not 100% sure if that is right since I got sniped killed before I killed off all the bandits to test it out myself.

  16. Yeah I agree it might be a good idea to make a seperate thread about giving the codes and a description or a picture of code slip so everyone knows where to look for their code to give away. (I can scan a picture of my code slip in if need be). it's still a long shot to win but atleast a slightly higher chance to possibly win a ticket then a normal person depending on how much of a code pool we can get.

  17. I agree... here's mine:


    Nice GGemini, Maybe the loser of the coin toss should get this one then haha. That is if it hasn't been used yet.

  18. Thank you very much!

    Np. It might be nice for people to post up their codes for the concert. If they have no use for them even if they won. So the people who can have a higher chance of possibly winning. It would be a waste to just have a code sit there from my point of view anyways.

  19. We can flip a coin. :)

    Okay sent you the code hopefully I wrote it down correctly. Have fun & good luck with the coin toss.

  20. There is a first print bonus, but it's a code to download a YF-29 skin.

    Hey thanks very much for clearing everything up for me. I have a code from the limited edition here I think is for the concert for May'n as I don't live anywhere near Japan and seriously doubt I'll be able to be there in July would you like it or anyone else like it? Hate to see a entry go unused.

  21. There is no extra DVD or anything, the interviews and stuff are all unlockable in-game. Therefore it doesn't matter if it is the first print run or not.

    I see I was just curious as amiami listed something as first print bonus when it was on preorder.

  22. I just got the game here and wasn't there suppose to be a special bonus for the first print runs according to amiami? Like a Music CD or something? I'm just trying to make sure I got everything here since I didn't see anything like that...

    -Google searches- Oh wait it's suppose to be 16 Macross Seiyuu interviews (appx. 90min) w/ CG movie Burning Fire.? Now I'm confused is it in the unlockable that Renato is talking in the game or is did I get a second printing instead and miss a extra DVD?

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