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  1. As others have said it was a hassle to get but, looking at my shelf taking shape I can't help but think what a time to be alive. I missed the Arcadia and Yamato days. So to get something brand new and screen accurate is really, really cool. 

  2. Ordered from Nin Nin as well, and Fed Ex isn't messing around I wasn't expecting it till tomorrow but it's now due to arrive today with a snowstorm in full swing. 

    Also, what was the release on the super parts set tv version? People are saying theirs are on the way. I ordered from Anime Export and it's still listed as releasing December. 

  3. 1 minute ago, rdrunner said:

    Thanks for posting this. I have also just received the same email alert and thought the price was quite reasonable. Don’t know how much shipping will be but this seems a good deal. 

    $14.33 Shipping for a total of $281.23

  4. 2 hours ago, jenius said:

    Finally got this done! Looking forward to getting the Zeta, especially if they fix that floppy wing and make the shoulders easier to rotate. The Zeta will probably come with a new female pilot figure so maybe they can tighten that up also.

    Great review, as usual. As you say in our video a compelling case is made for a Tread. Here's hoping we se a prototype soon. 

  5. After my first and what I believe will be my last PO craze, I can say while I'm not a rich man it did not seem worth it. Buggy sites, and potentially shady sellers were too much stress.  Unless this figure  turns out to be something crazy rare a hundred more when it's released and piece of mind  doesn't seem like a bad trade off. 

  6. Damn I have never been as conflicted as I am right now about buying a figure. If it was a half an inch an inch bigger bigger it would be an insta buy. Having just bought the shitty Toynami less than a year ago and also having its Tread not to mention their superposable it feels like a really expensive trade in. 

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