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  1. 9 hours ago, Gabe Q said:

    I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask but here goes. What is the absolute most I should pay for this? I figure: retail price + proxy fees + overseas shipping + small markup. Does $350 shipped seem high, low, or just right? 

    I really wanna get one of these really bad but don't want to get ripped off. I'm usually a model kit guy but this release I just can't pass up. The ebay prices seem really high. 

    I paid $345 shipped. Cant find it cheaper.... Don't know what was the initial retail price...

  2. this is how i always hold my VF-1Jv.II when manipulating either arm during transformation.

    i keep pressure on the shoulder assembly of the arm unit i'm rotating, with my thumb applying the pressure.

    i feel that this lessens/eliminates any flexure-induced stress normally imparted upon the mechanism's joints from the action of the required 180 degree rotation;

    I use the same tehnique on my vf-1j ... so far without any problems with shoulders.

  3. I got from Angolz v2 VF-1J last week, suffered like 20 transformation so far with zero sings of stress in shoulders.Well i think that the actual problem with this is handling the toy.Shoulder ball joint is very stiff on mine, so for example if i want to articulate arm on either battrod or gerwalk mode without holding the shoulder assembly, i think i could easily bust it off. So whenever i want to artuculate the arms i unlock the diecast part holding the legs, grab that whole shoulder assembly nice and steady and rotate arm.Works fine for me.

    Btw HoveringCheesecake how do you mean you can remove it? Is that like a sticker on canopy or what? This is my first valk so i dont know much about it:)

  4. Hi guys ive just brought Stand alone, without Super Parts Yamato 1/60 VF-1J Hikaru Ichijo , i think its December 2008 relise,


    Is this what you call v2 version, since im newbie.And i havent find anywhere any newer relise then this one.

    Now ive been reserching alot about shoulder hinge joint problem, and i havent seen anyone having problem with this version, looks like its the VF-1S that had most reports. What are your experience with this one?

    Alot ppl told me that they didnt had any problems with it.I think that proper handling and taking super care with shoulder are best solution to avoid any craks...Thanks!

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