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  1. Hi, everybody, longtime haven't update my works....

    Here is my new scratch build project ~~~~ 1/8 Minmay in shower ~~~ :rolleyes:

    I have started this project one year ago, Due to too much work .....too busy...

    In the Chinese New Year, I take a break to continue this figure!!!

    Hope I can finish it in this year ....... :ph34r:





















  2. Hey Cody,

    Was that kit released before or was it sculpted by you?

    Oh...sorry that reply you so late due to very busy this two weeks....

    It is a limited G-kit released in Wonder Festival long time ago!!

    One box contains 2 lancer :rolleyes:

  3. sorry i was just wondering where you bought it ^_^

    it looks wonderful! and the small SD alien in the first picture... where did you get that?

    Ah... Sorry that make you ask me again.......hope not to make you trouble!!

    I build this kit for my friend, so I don't know where can bought this.... sorry....

    And the small Alien was including in this kit. This VF 2SS g-kits contains 3 small aliens!!! :rolleyes:

  4. Nice job. I do like this design.

    Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!

    Looks beautiful. What is the little wire thing on top, is that an antenna?

    Yes it is antenna, I should paint it in black colour will be better....

    Nick work!

    Thanks !!!!

    sweet~~ did u get this off hobbyfan?

    and any of u know if any one has ever made the garage kit version without the SAP armor?

    Ah..... My English is not GOOD..... I don't understand your question...... SORRY........

  5. Flawless clean job! The shading is fantastically smooth, and the whole thing looks great.

    On a side note, as someone who also posts alot of images to the internet with labels and watermarks and such, I have to tell you, your watermark logo is eeeeennnormous! Seriously, it's a classy logo, but it could stand to be about a third as large, especially when it runs onto the model.

    Hi promethuem5!!!

    Thank you that you like my work!!!!

    For the watermark.... maybe is too BIG!!!!

    But I need to prevent the pics steal by someone......( I am not said the Macross Fan in this Forum )

    Because I have this BAD experience before........ :unsure:

  6. Thank you!!! Brothers!!!

    Long time ago I have saw Macross II, but I just can finish 2 chapter, because I am not much like the story and the machine...

    Due to I am a Minmei SUPER FAN, she didn't in Macross II story make me very dissapointed......

    By the way, many years later, I Love the VF-2SS very much!!! but still haven't see the animation agin.....maybe later!!!!

  7. now for the important question: will there be recast?!? :lol:

    I really like the second one.

    Hi , anime52k8, I am glad that you like my works!!! Thank you!!!

    The first one ( Mospeada Fuke bike mode) was recast already !!!

    and the other kits , I hope can recast them too!!! :lol:

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