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Mercury's Word (The Online Publication of the ARMD-08 Pegasus)

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Hey, everybody, I'm ChillyChe on these boards, and I'm the writer/director of the fan film Macross Aria. I'm proud to present the Beta-Beta Rough Cut version of Mercury's Word -- a news publication from the universe of Macross Aria.

I'm opening up the site to everybody here, to see a little bit about what we're building with the Macross Aria project. As we move forward, continuing development on the films, we will also be upgrading and adding content to Mercury's Word. What you're seeing here is only a percentage of the first version. But please, come on over, and check it out.

The site features in-universe articles about life on the frontier circa 2014. The ARMD Pegasus is stationed in Groombridge 1816 System as part of the Eden Fleet in the early days of the colony. Content will include science news (projections of genetic drift due to mass cloning), culture and entertainment articles (who will reign as Miss Macross Eden?), UN Spacy updates (what's the deal with increased Zentraedi pirate activity in Eden space?), music (latest hits from all your favorite galactic idorus), videos (interviews with Pegasus crew members), webcomics (this most certainly includes illustrations of VF-Girls!), and more. While the site is a tool for providing background information on the world of Macross Aria, it's also its own stand-alone project, made possible by the work and dedication of fans largely from the MacrossWorld community.

Stop by. Check it out.

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