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Hobby Shows or Toy Shows in Japan?

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I was saving up for 2009 to be able to hopefully attend some hobby/trade shows in Japan for 2009, and I hope some fellow members could help me out on which shows to attend, and if they are willing to go with me (or any other members), and have some fun!

Like waiting in line for Wonderfest, etc...raiding hobby shops for Macross stuff, and so on.

BTW, I am living in Taiwan, any other Macrossworld members also living in Taiwan?

Please PM me or feedback some interesting opinions on which shows in Japan to attend?

many thanks! :lol:

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Hi~ I sent you a PM, but I would also like to put a little something out there. ^^; Sorry, I don't mean to hijack.

I am currently living in Tokyo and will be until the beginning of August 2009. I would also love to see some shows while I'm here, and would really enjoy the company of other Macross fans if somebody wanted to hang out somewhere (akihabara? XD), even on a normal weekend. I don't really know anything about the events here in Japan, so if anyone has information on them, I would love to hear about it. ^_^

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!~


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