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  1. Please review these rules for the for sale section. There's been a lot of new sale threads lately that ignore or are unaware of these rules. Items listed on sites outside of Macross World (such as eBay) should be listed in the Where to Buy Macross, Auctions & Dealers Specials Section. All threads offering an item for sale must have a posted price. "Silent Auction" style listings are not allowed. This rule includes (prohibits) "Make me an offer" listings. Failure to post a price may subject the thread to immediate deletion. Items offered exclusively for trade only must be listed as such, otherwise they must have a posted price. Failure to do so may may subject the thread to immediate deletion. For clarification purposes it should be assumed that potential buyers posting "dibs", "PM Sent," or other such posts in sale/trade listings should not expect any special consideration given to them by the seller for being "first in line" unless they have heard directly from the seller that they are indeed the purchasing party. Always rely primarily on direct communication and confirmation from the seller. Do not assume that you are guaranteed an item by being first to post in a thread. Macross World administration and staff will not mediate or oversee disputes. This note is here solely for your information and advisement. We've also added these new rules for the sales section Challenging a seller's price in public is not allowed. If you feel there is unscrupulous activity or a mistake, PM the seller or a moderator. Do not publicly post a price from a different sale thread or cite an outside source to a seller on their thread. Flipping merchandise bought from MacrossWorld on Macrossworld is not allowed. You cannot sell an item that you just bought from the for sale section for more than the price you bought it for. There will be a one year statute of limitation for each item. On a separate note, we'd like to clarify or set up how to post certain threads in the "Overtechnology Think Tank" Section Ask all questions regarding customization and build ups in Building/Customizing Macross Models & Toys. All threads that exhibit 100% finished customs should be posted within their respective section (Toys or Models) and not in the Building/Customizing. All toys and models upgrades and product announcements, including third party can be in their respective sections unless the thread becomes a build up, then we will move it to Building/Customizing Macross Models & Toys. If these new or adjusted rules contradict some previous actions by moderators, we will let those action stand. But the new rules and guidelines will be enforced here after. And finally, instead of a sub header we have tags now. To help make searching the forums a little bit easier, please add tags to your new topics. If you are adding a new toy thread, you can tag it with toy company, scale, valkyrie model and type, etc. Or if it's media, you can tag it with media type, author, publisher and/or the subject matter such as character, mech or person of interest. Consider what tags other people have used or will use. Tags only work if they are exactly the same as others. A misspelled tag is no good.
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