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    Macross blu-ray set with English subs?

    Thanks for all of the input. I think I'll just hunt down the Animeigo Macross DVDs and start getting the Japanese Blu-Rays rather than get a questionable bootleg. It sounds like using the fansub files for the BDs is the way to go to have English subs. Thanks again!
  2. Does anyone know anything about this 6 disk blu-ray set I saw on eBay: Super Dimension Fortress Macross Bluray Box 1-36 + Movie & OVA ENGLISH SUB A/US It says it has English subtitles for the original Macross TV series, the DYRL movie, Macross II and some other extras. It sounds like a pretty good deal for $100, but I'm concerned what the quality is like, since this is almost certainly not legitimate. I searched on the internet, but I wasn't able to find any reviews or information about this set. I'm interested in what the audio and video is like, and how good the English subtitles are. Also, if these are the remastered versions or not. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!