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  1. I finished off the weathering of the missiles and gun pod, as well as Hikaru. Final finish is a coat of matt except for gun pod which is in gloss. I've added a comparison of my custom weathering efforts vs a stock VS-1S Max from Yamato. Cheers
  2. Picked up a Bandai DX Chogokin VF-19 full set pack. Coming is Transformers Maketoys Dirge and Big Firebird EX-01 Nicee Arcee But secretly waiting for the gundam metal structure RX-93 to be delivered.
  3. Hi. Been collecting Macross Yamato V2's and this is the second opportunity I have to build this kit from scratch. As you may be already aware, this needs to be built from scratch, assembling not only the plastic parts, but also injecting metal pins, springs and screws to allow the toy to transform. Base plastic is white, but I decided to airbrush and this is my second kit since getting my airbrush kit. Some particular features: - parts prepare via etching panel lines and cleaning with isotropic alcohol - I used acrylic based paints, applied primer, shadowing, base coat, matt vanish. Then panel lining, decals and another coat of mech matt varnish to help protect wear during transformation. - the heat shield over was partly left un-painted as the internal runs and contact points would caused significant wear, so I just left this alone, - I accidentally got too excited with airbrushing and used a slight different shade of white on the arms, which were the first parts I pre-built. - There is some wear from paints scratches. This is simply a result of tight tolerances and contact points as parts contacted each other. I did sand around some areas to give more clearance, but I couldn't do this for all the articulation areas. - Yes, this is a VF-1S kit, bit I decided on a vermilion scheme, as I was missing this from my stock Yamato V2 collection. I need to finish off the missiles and the gun pod (the one shown is taken from my other stock V2s). I'll also add pics with optional parts in a later update. Thanks for looking and letting me share.
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