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  1. Depends on how soon you found out... I'm actually not involved with panel scheduling/selection/etc. right now -- I usually don't know about the panels until I get to the con. However, the head of panels has asked me to help her out somewhat this year, so I am getting a little early notification every so often.
  2. Hmm... totally clueless here... Trying to connect but not getting any errors or anything... I'm using the Mac DC client, so that might be part of it (doesn't seem to have much in the way of useful error messages). I have made sure to share some of my folders, so I don't know what could be going on.
  3. I'll be there again, on staff. Panels staff scheduling hasn't gone out yet (usually that's done the day before or even the morning before Otakon starts), but I'll try my hardest to again be assigned to the Macross panel this year. Failing that, I'll make sure I'm at least off duty while the panel's going on.
  4. No major Macross-related news, at least as far as I can remember. There was one guy there dressed as a Macross fighter pilot (is he reading this?) I saw hanging around the AMV panels, mostly.
  5. Crap... I didn't see this message until after the Con (I don't know why... I did have the notify on reply thing checked off ). Sorry.
  6. Well, a lot of stuff goes on at a convention. I'll start by talking about the stuff that doesn't cost extra on top of the $50 you shelled out to get in. First of all, there will be a lot of discussion panels. Otakon for at least the past couple years has had one dedicated to Macross with quite a few people from here running it (and yours truly as the staffer in charge of keeping it running smoothly, heh). I don't know of any Macross discussion panels going on at Anime Boston this year, however, but you might find panels on other things you find interesting. Some of these panels are also Q&A sessions with voice actors or other people in the industry. Second, there will be various entertainment venus. Game shows, music video contests, the masquerade, a dance, etc. There will also be quite a few video rooms where you can check out all sorts of anime -- some brand new and some classic. Third, there will be lots of opportunity for people watching (look out for tons of cosplayers). People watching has always been one of my favorite things to do at a con. Finally, we get to the dealer room. Generally, the dealers all have a pretty decent stock (although I'm not sure if it's quite enough to count as "en masse"). The prices may not always be the best, but you never know if you find hidden treasure that some dealer doesn't understand he possesses -- I've heard stories of people finding very rare art books and the like that go for a couple hundred bucks on eBay and such and managing to pick them up really cheap. Hope this answers some of your questions! - Lou
  7. Just wondering who else here is planning on attending Anime Boston this year? Or will be I the only MW member there? Oh, and sorry for my absence from the forums. Life has been insane and I'm only recently getting back in touch with everything.
  8. I haven't heard about the stalking women online, etc., though I do know how notoriously slow they are about releasing games. What did they do?
  9. I know we used to semi-frequent your page, especially in a day & age when it was hard to come by info of the saturn remakes. I "think" you were one of the first to have up mpeg file downloads of the cut scenes..definately brings back memories. It's possible I did have the first mpeg file downloads of the cut scenes. I had some connections who managed to grab import copies and had digitizer cards way back when. They sent me the movies and I asked for permission to post them. Of course, nowadays, game sites are a dime a dozen and it seems like anyone can get all these pre-release things long before I can even dream of it.
  10. You didn't by chance happen to run a "Lunar" page years ago did you? If so, do you recall the old sega-saturn.com boards? Yes, I did run a "Lunar" page years ago and I do recall the old sega-saturn.com boards. Actually, I still run the "Lunar" page, although it hasn't been updated in ages (not much new Lunar news these days). I don't think I frequented the sega-saturn.com boards, though.
  11. Yeah, there is quite a large Hasbro facility in Pawtucket. Actually, I think Hasbro's HQ itself is somewhere in RI (though I'm not sure if is the Pawtucket facility).
  12. I'm in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. It's just north of Providence (the next city over), and about 45 minutes south of Boston, located right on the MA/RI border. Lat: 41.8717985180353 (41° 52' 18.4746649271") Long: -71.3748826001755 (-71° 22' 29.577360631)
  13. Well, I'm on Panels staff at Otakon, so I can certainly put a good word in for continuing the Macross panel. Besides, I feel that the Panels coordinator owes me a favor for loading my schedule in such a way that I only had 30 minutes to hit the dealers' room this year.
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