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  1. Been back in the train phase, after a 20 year hiatus now I've gone smaller from HO scale to N scale and Z scale.
  2. My turn, but gonna do a bunch of research before unboxing =(
  3. Nice, Akira class right? Think it had something like chain reaction pulsar cannons or something like that.
  4. Nice purchase!! I have the standard Hot Rod and wanted the targetmaster as soon as this version was announced. Sadly the KO version never came and no one seems to be selling the TM on it's own. So I rebought Offshoot (from the original MP-09 TRU edition which I used to own) and it fits like a glove, aside from engine mounted mode.
  5. Nice score!! I had the YF-19 and VF-1S and loved them both, but they were really prone to paint scratches especially on any tips or ends.
  6. Same here!! I pretty much have all of the relevant Federation Trek ships including the 1701-A and DS9. Don't have an original TOS 1701 but have the reissue with base. I have more not pictured here. I normally don't buy Star Wars ornaments but couldn't pass up the storytellers.
  7. Post Thanksgiving means tree and ornament time! Grabbed the Falcon to add to my Storyteller Death Star, X-Wing, and Vader's TIE. Looking for the TIE next.
  8. So awesome you are into warbirds!! I fly R/C planes and exclusively use fighter planes. I've crashed many times, but most of the time repairable with foam CA glue. But so far I am down one P-51 and one Zero due to really really bad nosedives. My personal rules for flying: 1) 3 story rule - always fly 2 stories above the tallest obstruction 2) YOU WILL CRASH 3) always carry spares of everything.
  9. Finally was able to find a decent hot wheels while hunting for Harry Potter Lego CMF's =)
  10. grymg

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Sucks about the antennas. Did the VF-19A's ever have this problem? Because mine come intact with no issues.
  11. Damn, I can't believe you spent that much on comic books, but - vintage at 9.2 grade is super rare and hard to come by. Will they ever see the light of day or straight to the safety deposit box? I can't really complain about the money either, I dropped $17K last August on just watches. But hey, I use them!!
  12. Yup Walmart exclusives in addition to reissue Hot Rod, Starscream, and some minibots. The last Devy was the Japanese Encore release, it had a different deco close to the cartoon colors, but I've heard it didn't tab together quite well in combined mode. This reissue though tabs together well. It doesn't have quite the heft of the original due to the cheaper plastic used but is pretty solid. I did stress the hip connector piece but I don't think you can avoid it because the tabs are so thin. The box also looks great but it's in matte cardboard, not gloss like the Encore or OG.
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