Guys and gals, here's a short supplmentary review on the Yamato 1/48 VF-1A Hikaru preproduction sample, covering some stuff that I missed out in the original review of October 6th.


First off, I managed to secure a photo of a preproduction sticker sheet for the 1/48. Click on the picture below or here to see a larger version. Please note, that this may not quite be the final version of the sticker sheet and may be subject to change. Also, please note that these sample stickers have not yet been die-cut, whereas the final sticker sheet will be.

Points of interest are the sticker for the front of the radar, which addresses one of the major fan complaints, which is that the radar lacks detail. Another point of interest, are the stickers that go on the inside of the intakes in fighter mode to simulate the intakes in open position.

I have also talked with Yamato about having more stickers printed on the toy ala the Bandai 1/55 reissues, and they have said they will at least try to get the Skulls printed on the tail fins, something which I think is critical. Unfortunately it will not be possible to have the '001' and 'UN Spacy kite emblem' printed on the sides of the nose due to a seam which runs hozizontally down the nose.


**Note: The backpack does NOT raise up so that the tailfin tips are at the same level as the shoulder lights as stated below. Pictures of the backpack in the higher position were the results of a broken hinge tab not discovered until later. Do NOT force the backpack to a high position!!**

When I wrote the original review of the preproduction 1/48 sample, neither Shawn nor I were able to get the toy's backpack into the correct position in either Battroid and Gerwalk modes due to an over-tight backpack hinge on our samples. In fact we both could only make the backpack lock into the low position. However, I have now been able to get the backpack to sit at it's maximum height (click on picture below). Not sure how I did it though! One day I came home and was able to move the backpack hinge to the maximum up-angle position without using any force.........weird! Anyway, I think you will all agree it looks mch better now. One point of interest is that when the backpack is in it's highest position in Battroid mode, the little hook used to secure the backpack becomes redundant as it can no longer reach it's latching position. However, the backpack is nice and firm and does not fall down. In fact, I'm wondering if I have the back pack up too high now, as it can in can also be placed in a middle pposition where the hinge piece is horizontal, instead of being angled up (like now) or angled down (as in the original review), which does allow the locking latch to fit.

Also, a few people have requested pictures of the Fighter mode with the landing gear in the closed position, as I neglected to take any pictures in the original review, so as requested here are some pics.




Here's a few points that I originally wrote in the Macrossworld forums. In case some of you missed them, I thought I'd repeat them here.

1) The backpack DOES stay up by itself in battroid mode. The little plastic hook that clips to the backpack is not really necessary to hold up the backpack. However, it will probably help with the added weight of the FAST packs later on.

2) Tweazers, are NOT needed to transform the toy. The toy can be transformed easily without any tools at all. However, there are a few parts of the toy that are easier to open if you have a small tool such as a paperclip, toothpick or tweazers handy. Namely, the two very small hinged plugs in the nose that in Fighter and Gerwalk modes cover the holes where the hip bar goes in Battroid mode. These two hinged plugs have to be folded down out of the way when you are transforming to battroid mode and this is easily done by hand without using any tools. However, as these two hinged plugs are very small and fold down quite deep into the nose cavity it is difficult to lift them up again when transforming back to Fighter or Gerwalk modes unless you have very skinny fingers and long finger nails. This is why I recommended tweazers, although I find a paper clip works very well also. However, leaving these plugs folded in does NOT affect transformation at all, it just means you have a small hole on each side of the nose in fighter and Gerwalk modes if you chose to leave the plugs down.

Also, having a small tool helps with opening the front and rear landing gear doors, as at least on my sample they are a very tight fit and are much easier to pry/pop open with a small tool. Although I can do it by hand. Personally, I prefer that Yamato went the route of having the doors too tight rather than too loose. Having loose doors that constantly fall open like on some of the 1/60 toys is very annoying IMO.

3) Some of you have asked about the diecast content. Although I have covered this subject many, many times, I will repeat it once more. The 1/48 features very little diecast. Basically, the only diecast parts are the swingbar, the front and rear landing gear and the front landing gear doors, which are all painted white. Diecast lovers might not like this toy, but I'm glad it has so little diecast as it means less paint chipping, less painted parts to get dirty (1/60 Hikaru owners will know what I mean). Also, it means the toy balances better and the lower weight means less stress on the toy.

4) The 1/48 locks together very solidly in all modes. It is definitely the most solid toy Yamato have ever made. Those of you that like to do barrel rolls with your toys have no fear, the backpack, in fact the whole toy is locked together like a bank vault, so you can do any crazy-ass manuever you want.


MOVIES! (Quicktime avi movies) - right click and Save As-then open with Quicktime

Movie #1 : Can't shake the missiles off!
Movie #2 : Transform!

Movie #3 : Oops! Forgot to show the covers
Movie #4 : Battroid to Fighter transform


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Make sure to be drinking a big glass of milk when you hit play! :)


Also, I'd just like to mention, that this is my first ever time making a web page for Macrossworld. In fact, it's my first ever time making a web page period! Usually, I leave all the web page authoring to Shawn, while I handle much of the photography and text chores. I hope you don't find my efforts too bad. I also hope I'll be able to help Shawn with more of the workload in future. Oh, and for tose of you interested, I used Dreamweaver MX to make these pages.