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Meltran Assault


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B)) Damn nice coloring. I like the pencil better though. The only thing I gotta complain about the colored version is that the Q-rau's too clean. I keep cross-referencing on both your versions, and it would be nice to have all the dirt of your pencil on the colored version.
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I can't agree with you guys more. That's why I reposted the pencils. I tried to add grime to the Q-Rau but short of detailing and weathering it, it can't really be done unless I sit there for days. I'm just not that quick and don't have enough time. Hopefully I can reproduce it someday for myself the way I have it in my head.

In retrospect I would have added the shoulder harnesses in the Qrau on top of those soap bars she has on her uniform...

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Man, I thought I commented already, stupid hinky internet connection. Anyway the color job looks great but does not have the life of your pencil sketches. The sketches have a certain gritty quality to them that adds depth, feeling and a sense of life to them, the colored one is almost too clean. If there was a way you could dirty it up just a bit that would great, that's just my opinion anyway.

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