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MR-02 Protector Battloid

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Does anyone have a scan or know of a posting of th MR-02 Protector Battloid that was left out of Robotech RPG Book 4 The Southern Cross? The only source of it I know of is "he Magic of Palladium Books #3"which is OOP. Any help would be greatful. Thank you.

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Its listed in the Magic of Palladium Book Collected...which should still be in print.

However, before you use the image that Palladium used, just fair warning. All the Battloids, with the exception of the GMP Garm Security Drone and Tactical Corps Salamander (mislabeled as the TC Recon) are mislabeled and assigned to the wrong divisions. The two Civil Defense Battloids are in fact the Enlisted and NCO versions of the Tactical Corp's Salamander while the Cosmic Unit battloid is in fact the Arctic Unit's Fenris Powered Armor. Lastly, the mislabeled GMP Battloid is in fact the Recon Unit's Cyclops/Monocle Battloid.

The MR-02 Protector is in fact the Desert Unit's Basilisk. The EBSIS Soldier, as you will see, is in fact the Navy Kraken Deep Sea Powered Armor. The EBSIS Juggernaut is the Marsh Unit's Triton....and is CLEARLY seen in the closing credits of Robotech as being an Earth mecha (its coloration is green). The EBSIS Recon Destroyer is in fact the Alpine Unit's Satyr.

Here are two pages from the Magazine for Hobby and Anime Fans: Southern Cross



Hope this helped!

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Thank you for letting me know how to get it. I'll look for it at my local hobby store, but most likely directly from Palladium Books. Where did you get the Southern Cross scans? Is there one of the 3rd Zor spaceship, I thinks its a destroyer?

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The scans came from this book (good luck trying to find it. Perhaps Seichii will have copies if he does another sale here at MW anytime soon).

Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fans - The Southern Cross

Now, about the cruiser.

There are in fact 2 models that were left out of Palladium's Southern Cross.

The first is the Survey Ship seen in eps. #41 Half Moon and again in eps. #53 The Hunters. This one actually made it into Robotech Art 2 IIRC (which is above average for older Robotech products as they tended to completely ignore information from Southern Cross).


It can hold up to 420 Bioroids.

The next is the Heavy Cruiser that we first fully see in eps. #53 The Hunters (its seen beforehand briefly in pan shots of the Zor/Tirolian fleet). Its also seen again in eps. #56 Crisis Point and again in eps. #59 The Invid Connection.


Its covered in a number of beam weapons (including one that is a reactive/reflex weapon for smearing cities...and spaceships). The official stats say it can hold up to 72 Bioroids....but I think this should be increased x3....but I dont make the stats...just critique them. ;)

Hope this helps.

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