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So far your next project seems awsome, the VT-1 Girls are really great, cool humor, I like them all B))

Oh and btw, don't change the 19 girl ;)

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thanks for the comments people!

a new all-encompassing VFGirls thread is all up to the administrators-

they may or may not make a new one.

ive already made a thread for my VFGirls even tho there have been other VFG threads before (I may say this was newbie error, since i didnt know of the particular rule), but i dont mind others posting their own VFGirls here :)

"amazing eyes" ? well, ive been inspired by Haruhiko Mikimoto (who else?) :)


ive encountered a little problem in my newest fan art:


i know there are a lot of different squad uniform colors out there, but can you guys give me suggestions with the Pilot's colors? the VF19 Girl doesnt seem to like his colors.....

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How about a VF-17 girl from someone?

I don't think I've ever seen one of them :(

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stupid me, :rolleyes: i was staring at Anubis' post about a VF17, i was blank and totally forgot it was the Stealth fighter VF! :lol:

but im coloring my VFGirls chronologically (i mean coloring them following the order of how i drew them) so some requests might get delayed (like the Macross 2 VFs, which i just drew last night)

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Dangaioh, that looks pretty good for a wip, I'd like to see the finished product. I was wondering if you or polidread could use the ladies from Macross in these valk girls. I'd like to see Minmay, Misa, Millia (in her red VF-1J of course), Claudia, and the Bridge Bunnies :p .

Also, even though this thread is for valk girls, I think a SDF-1 girl would kick ass :D:lol:B)) !

Just a couple ideas for you guys, I know art takes time.

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Your VF Gal is looking good and well on her way to the flightdeck, Dangaioh! :)

more VF Girls to fly the friendly skies for all!

Thanks for the ideas Smiley, guys,

Im keeping your suggestions in mind. But right now im going to finish up what ive already drawn in my sketchpads :)


I hope i dont disappoint with my recently slowed down pace coloring the VFGirls (theyre worth waiting for anyways :p)

and for my next trick:

Armored VF11 and the Much Awaited VF17

color suggestions are welcome too!

how about the hair colors and armor color trims? dyou like them or change them?


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Your VF Gal is looking good and well on her way to the flightdeck, Dangaioh! :)


thanks... but i still got a long way to go, just using photoshop just to add in colors, though, i don't have the details i want with pencil, since I could't scan it in ... by the way, are those meltran size playthingies, di1d0? :blink:

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and just to derail this thread further... :)

(from the Philippines) RX78-2 Gundam Girl Version Katoki

FYI, costume was scratchbuilt by me :p

(should we expect a Valkyrie Girl cosplay then?)

Wow, Poli, Cute talaga ni Gundam Girl!!! :lol:

Ofcourse cute din yung mga valk girls mo! hehe

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Totally love for polidread's works  :o

Searching for s-37 images I found this page with some aircraft girls, nothing to do with Macross but I found this nice :p

Don't know if it was previously posted.


wow! nice place to look at, they have unusual renditions of aricraft women :)

i like Shindenkai girl best, she has buttcheek boosters!

@Solscud007 Valkyrie contra pose 25th logo can never be found anywhere else but here in MacrossWorld,

i made that one based on the 20th anniv gerwalk logo :p

i'll post a bigger shot here later :p

edit: See you Guys in the year 2007. im respectfully preempting Studio Nue's concepts for the 25th anniversary logo with my corelDRAW creation


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