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How lucky were you?


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Wow... back then my parents weren't very well off, so I've only had a handful of toys. I've had 3 transformers in my entire childhood, 2 I got for a birthday gift, and the other christmas. They were Mirage and Hound. So I guess I got those at retail. The third one, a family friend offered to buy me a Jetfire for my birthday, but I thought it was too expensive and felt guilty, so I asked for the Blaster Master Radio Transformer instead.... a decision that I am still kicking myself for dammit!!!!

Most of the stuff I got were as gifts from other people. I remember when my uncle would visit from Taiwan, I would always be anticipating a cool robot. The items I received from him were...

Godaikin God Marz

Godaikin Laserion (small version)

Sauseraiger (clover green version)

Iron Gear (red 4 inch tall plastic bootleg)


As for Macross toys.... I always envied them when I was a kid and had no idea where the !@#$!@#$ people got them. (I lived in Illinois at the time and most kids were into G.I. Joes). The only thing I got that was remotely related to Macross was a bootleg, 4 or 5 inch tall all plastic blue VF-1D (I distinctly remember the double visor), which was also a gift from my uncle.

I've still got the God Marz and Laserion i got from him, but the rest fell apart with time.

Anyway, now that I'm working I can indulge in all the new stuff to make up for lost collector's time!

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well, here in california, all the Targets were Gemco. There was also another "target" type place in hollywood called zody's.

Bobe took the word out of my mouth. Yes, those two places were toy heaven.

Damn, it brings back memories.......

Toys R US was not near my house and when Gemco was going out of business, I went and bought 1/55 scale Mospeada Alpha for I think around $12.50.

They had 1/35 for around $16 or so, if I recall correctly. I was debating whether to get the bigger one for extra few $$ or not. How little did I know back then.

I guess we all are sort of reliving those times when we were too little to afford all the Macross and Robotech items.

Thanks to Bandai, Toynami and Yammie......

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He invests in new technologies... He lost around $7 mil over the last 5 years, but thats because of a bad market. Before that he made tons of money.

His advice to those who want to make tons of money: "Look at the things you like, then look at their industry, who's solving a problem?"

wise advice. Better still to see the problems and come up with the solution yourself though ;) .

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