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1/48 Yamato Valkyrie stand


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I am purposely waiting for the valk stand to come out so I can ship it with my Millia, which is waiting patiently for me. Saving money on shipping from overseas is good.

The only question is... do I really have the patience when I know I have a perfectly good valk just waiting to be shipped to me? Am I that strong? :blink:

We shall see.

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izzyfcuk Posted on Apr 27 2004, 06:53 AM

i thought that the GBP was pushed backwards to another date?

Dude, don't jinx it for the rest of us!!! :p If I have to wait any longer, I think I just might go bananas! :lol::D:)

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The price I keep seeing for this stand is +/- $42 US. $42 is a lot of money for a simple plastic stand.

I have 9 loose 1/48s I might want to display on these stands... but that is freaking $380 just for nine of those stands... and that is just for that part of my collection. I have even more 1/60s loose that would "need" stands not to mention the Q-Rau to match the others in the display cases.

IMHO the stands are a tad overpriced. Sure they might be sort of neat but they are rather ungangly looking. I'm usually never one to complain about price but this time is just way disproportionate to what you are actually getting for your money. $130 1/48? Acceptable. $120 Q-Rau? Toes on the line. $40 plastic toy stand? Over the line, smokey.

And for those putting their MPC's or Bandai's in the stand... the stand might just end up costing more than the toy it holds! :ph34r:

Looks like all my boys stay on the tarmac. :(

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I like it, because it does look like something that belongs with the valk, unlike the other generic stands I've seen.

All that being said, I'm only buying one. Partly because of the cost and partly because I wouldn't want all of my valks on stands anyway.

And I'm using on a 1/48. To me it seems oversized with any of the smaller valks.

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