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Hey guys, I'm new in the Games dept so I hope you guys understand and can help me with the following questions.

I just have 3 questions here that I think will be best answered all together so here goes:

I have a US version PS2.

1) Will VFX2 work with my system? Is the game backward compatible with a US PS2?

2) How can I get my system modded if that's what I choose to do?

3) How much does it usually cost to get a mod?

you guys can pm me if you don't want to post the info.

Info would be greatly appreciated.


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A Japanese PS1 game will not work on a a US PS2. I installed a flip top on my PS2. I used a gameshark ps1 disc to boot PS1 imports on a US PS2. A flip top with boot discs(CD and DVD) cost about 30.00 IIRC.

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thanks for the info guys!

I'm going try to get me one of those game sharks~

a gameshark disc won't do it alone.You need a modchip or a flip top installed on your PS2. A new boot disc is out for playing import PS1 games on a PS2 as well.

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