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Toy Production Figures 1/55 - 1/72 :Takatoku, DX Chogokin , Hi-Metal, Yamato, Arcadia, Evolution


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...is an example of a catalog/guide for DX Chogokin, but had any other site attempted a more inclusive tally of the various, non-KO 1/55 through 1/72 Valkyrie, Destroid and Misc.Vehicle brands?  

The most elusive aspect of toy data "appears" to be final production figures (counts) for the purpose of knowing rarity.  Any insights to why, and how to investigate?

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Because they are toys and most consumers likely do not care to know.

Unless you are a toy industry analyst, insider, or work at the various companies producing these toys in Japan...no one is going to have production figures.

Especially for the vintage items...the people who may recall or perhaps have old records are likely retired or dead.  Perhaps Bandai may have kept records from Takatoku but who knows.

The only available "general" figure tossed around that I have read is the production count for the original Takatoku 1/55 VF-1J which is said to have been about a million toys sold during the original 1982-1983 release.

Although it would be nice to know production counts....as a collector it is easy to determine what is "rare" simply by what you see available for purchase on the open market on sites like YJA over the course of several years of collecting.  The good thing is that sometimes rare does not necessarily mean it is expensive.


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