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The difference in size for VF-11 Macross?


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I need to know if there are any size differences between the:

Yamato Macross Plus VF-11B First Edition


Yamato Macross Plus VF-11B Fast Pack Edition

Are they the same height?

And what of the comparisons between the YF-21 editions?


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I'm not that well versed with scale conversions to inches. is there a chart anywhere that helps? how tall is 1/72? 1/48?

I saw the Valkyrie Exchange list the first edition of the VF-11B as 1/60 scale, hence my question to begin with. I also saw pics of the Yamato Macross Plus valkyries standing next to the DYRL 1/60 versions and they look like the same height. can anyone concur?

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Although if you want to nitpick, the VF-11B (both original and FP) is not actually 1/72 scale. It was slightly resized up from 1/72 scale to make it more durable...Ha Ha Ha.


Do tell. I've heard people claim that the VF-11 toy was 1/60 scale, but I know that's completely and utterly false. Any size comparisons (looking at the numbers showing how long the VF-1 and VF-11 are in fighter mode, line art size charts) seen throw that idea right out the window.

So is it like 1/75 scale or something?

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