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Show us your autograph photos. From tv to movies.


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2F0DF1C4-91C0-4665-AA7A-DA596C6341B8.jpeg.5514ce6386f4d6afb105405d337ae867.jpegF2796C6B-3E62-42A7-9C55-66F37423701C.jpeg.df0d7c84b25afc615c9975150f41b2a6.jpegB95C012D-F5D1-4FE0-ADB8-68D6E4AFAE71.jpeg.5e085287efb5fa8c45a899d361706ae4.jpegB2B4776D-24C6-4606-B297-D8A0A8B6C395.jpeg.cf72301ae2041e4122cf14ca94a604a3.jpegBEF8B6C4-B85F-4E6C-9EC7-C6270833C492.jpeg.b9118314f3be92dba471992bce2034c1.jpegmy daughter loves to cosplay and is pretty good at getting free autographs. 
We had to pay for the cd in the last one, but definitely worth it.she was absolutely in tears meeting the og Idol for Macross and it totally made her day.

personally, I’ve never been the type to want to bug for an autograph, but my daughter often gets them without asking somehow. I also usually don’t like to get into autograph lines. I don’t mind talking to people though and my daughter seems better at it than I am


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3 hours ago, Swann said:



I was too young to see Rozz back in the Christian Death days, but I did see Shadow Project once upon a time.
That first Christian Death album is still one of my favorite albums, although most of the people I know don’t like it when I have it playing. I just love the mix of sounds and the Adolescents style guitar sounds mixed in such an experimental way. Another one of those singers that I miss.

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