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Battletech Conversions.


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I've always wanted to do Macross as a tabletop wargame. I'm not going to attempt the abortive Palladium game or the pricey Dogfights games. But I'm thinking a;most every wargamer knows Battletech. Surely in the last almost 40 years somebody has written up the Macross mecha for Battletech and shared them? Not as as far as I can tell. I thought I'd ask here before I go down the road of shoehorning the main mecha in the Battletech ruleset.
And yes I'm well aware most of the Macross mecha were used in the original "Battledroids" game (as well as Fang of the Sun Dougram and Crusher Joe). But they were based only on their appearance not their in universe capabilities. 
There are other mecha rulesets I could use, but as I said, most wargamers know how to play Battletech already. 



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Might be a decent base, but I don’t really know about things like flight rules or space combat or transformation. I know the old nichimo kits were used in gaming back in the day. It’s been a few decades since I played Battletech, so maybe the rules have changed to allow it

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