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Bandai VF-31AX Kairos Plus - Arad Molders


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8 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

Ironically, no, I think it was Bandai who has forgotten him for.. what is it now, like four years since his 31S, and still no super parts? :rolleyes: 

True. :rolleyes:

Bandai! Where's Arad's 31S and Chuck's 31E Supers?! :aggressive:

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3 minutes ago, MacrossJunkie said:

To me, it looks more like Messer's color scheme. Maybe Arad decided to steal the color scheme since Messer wasn't using it anymore 😁

It's the same scheme as his 31 at the beginning of the movie.  I guess an all black set of armor would look cool even though it didn't happen in the film.

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2 hours ago, lechuck said:

Classic visor, faceplate and four head lasers - that's what makes this the variant that matters!

This is true to me in the beginning when they announced the new Delta movie. I told myself I'm only getting Arad's if they make one since I don't have plans on completing the squad which I already did with the VF-31. But I ended up getting Hayate's and Mirage's due to the fact that Bandai is holding up on making announcements. I'm definitely in for Arad's 31AX. ;)

Bandai just needed to not forget releasing Arad's 31AX Supers this time around though. :spiteful:

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