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Ramen Toys Jurassic Park toys


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I’m actually a bit new to the modern dinosaur toys. Used to have a bunch of non pose rubbery ones and erasers when I was a kid. Got the Hammond collection T-Rex on the way.
As some have seen in the make a pose section, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Hammond collection raptor. It’s a bit off from the way it should look. Like it has gigantic feet and a bit of a silly look to the face, but I really love the little guy.3AC3E5D9-E4F9-4EA4-8618-0EA32F3E1442.jpeg.120b8f5c33834511697f0c7bfc1bf415.jpeg5EA30A76-5E8E-42BA-8EDC-EE86241E2199.jpeg.976ab4afcf2eef91d38837f717e4e36f.jpegit poses like a champ and has great balance. I stuck a vitruvian hacks knight on it and it holds up really well. Lots of joints on these and also thinking about the triceratops and galimimus. The big guy might have to wait til after the move before I open him.

The amber collection figures look pretty good as well. I may pick up one of those raptors as well 

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2 hours ago, Big s said:

I’m actually a bit new to the modern dinosaur toys.

I expect many of us are in the same boat.  Mattel's Jurassic Legacy began as a Target-exclusive toy line in 2017, so most anyone outside of the US would've been unaware of the line's existence.  Naturally, those exclusives have skyrocketed in value on the secondary market. 😑

Most of the recent releases are distributed worldwide through Mattel International, which is why they're plentiful in Japan these days; however, Japanese retailers typically stock dinosaur merchandise with the educational toys (chemistry sets, telescopes and such), in a completely different section from where you'd find the sci-fi toys like GundamTransformers, Star Wars, kaiju, superhero merchandise, or anything else I might possibly be interested in. 🙄

I have no idea how long these toys have even been available in Japan, because I've only recently ventured outside my "comfort zone" at Toys 'R' Us and actually discovered Jurassic Legacy toys at retail. 😮

Nonetheless -- having only bought what I've been able to find at a significant discount over the last six months -- Jurassic Legacy toys have quickly taken over my 1:18th scale diecast car collection:





While most of the dinosaurs could use some major custom paint work, I've only taken the time to completely repaint one figure so far:


The fictitious "Indominus Rex" from Jurassic World.


There's a lot of molded detail that cries for a decent paint job.

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I've seen the Hammond Collection T-Rex twice at Target but didn't buy it.  The eyes that follow you are kind of cool.  If it goes on sale then I might get it.  I skipped the SDCC version because I didn't like the color scheme and had to make sure to secure my orders of the Hot Wheels KITT before anything else on the Mattel site.


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On 7/12/2023 at 3:56 AM, sh9000 said:

Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Steven Spielberg Figure.

I don't think I'll have any trouble squeezing him into my display...


On 7/22/2023 at 12:03 AM, sh9000 said:


...but that's going to prove more of a challenge. 😅


Nonetheless, preorders are now up at Target.  :good:

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Lemme clarify something here:

While the Mattel Creations crowdfund is still ongoing, Ramen Toys is asking people on social media to share their IP theft intentions using #mattelcreations and #universalstudios hashtags? 😳

Didn't they just receive a cease-and-desist order from Tom Cruise over their Maverick figure?

Like, are they genuinely hoping to get sued now? 🤨

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