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Super Dimension Convention - 2022

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Another awesome Con...had a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for the sales that help keep the lights on here!

I brought the "Wall of Takani" to the display area...just needed some strong magnets to keep the boxes up!

The little note says


Yoshiyuki Takani

This is MacrossWorld’s “Wall of Takani” display, dedicated to legendary artist Yoshiyuki Takani.

What you see here is just a small selection of his incredible Macross Box Art. He was responsible for all the Nichimo Box Art (the entire Nichimo collection shown here), and roughly half of the Arii and Imai kits. His work inspired many to become Macross fans, myself included. The VF-1J GBP you see to the right directly drove Tenjin to become our next generation go-to Macross artist. Look at Tenjin’s recent art see his respect to the Takani Style. Even the Bandai DX 1/48 GBP toy has the oversized hands included which were a direct nod to the Takani Box Art.



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I'm sorry I missed the con this year. I always look forward to seeing what @Shawn and everyone else have on their seller's tables. There's always something unique to see. This year,  I really wanted to see all the nichimo kits together in one place. It looks like it was a great time to be had by all. 

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