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UPDATED - Bandai DX Chogokin - VF-1J armor


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update: Nathan decided to finally respond and actually ship my PO'd items ( VF-1D, movie SSPs, & armor set)! Unfortunately, its a little too late since I sold my valks. I'm still debating on how to proceed with this line but will probably put them up for sale.

updated 2: I have decided to list the remaining items and have updated my sales list below.

Located in SoCal.

1J armor - $155


Hey everyone,

Sad to admit that I've been duped by Nathan Simmons for about $600 of pre-orders. I'm looking to sell to recuperate some funds and get out of this line because the entire experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus, no better time to be a responsible adult whose expecting his first child, right?!

edit: I just realized, no one probably knows who Nathan is, but I was introduced to him as a reliable, trustworthy source for overseas good. After several successful transaction and meeting up with him, he decided to screw everyone over within the past couple of months.

Anywhoo, figures were briefly displayed and are complete. They are in excellent condition, transformed to battroid and back to fighter mode.

SSP (movie edition) - received opened set from Nathan, but condition looks good - sold

missile set - sold

VF-1A (Hayao Kakizaki) - sold

VF-1S (Roy Focker) - sold

VF-1S (Hikaru Ichijo) - sold

super parts set (TV edition) - sold

Thanks for looking!


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  • canklebreaker changed the title to UPDATED - Bandai DX Chogokin - VF-1J armor

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