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2021-11-06 Update - let me know if issues


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I seem to be have issues posting using Firefox on Windows 10 on my Desktop.  There seems to be a lot of lag when I click the "Submit Replay" button.  I get the grayed out "Saving..." button, but it seem to hang at this point.  I often need to refresh the page and then it might work.  Microsoft Edge doesn't seem to exhibit this issue.


Update:  Chrome seems to work fine as well.  It seems to be an issue with Firefox.  Or at least Firefox with default settings.  I have similar issues with Firefox on my Android phone and Galaxy Tab 6.

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Yeah, I’ve had a similar issue using Firefox (even prior to the latest updates).

The workaround seems to be to clear all Macross World cookies and then log back into the boards.  That seems to get the replies posted.

It’s just annoying when you type out a long reply. . . and then realize you have to copy the reply text and go through the whole process of clearing your MW cookies.  And then paste your response back in. :rolleyes:

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