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How to repair hip of Beta Fighter / Tread (Toynami/Aoshima) ?


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Well, i have 3 Beta Fighter who's have the mechanism of hip Broken. Yet i didn't transform them more than 3 o 4 times ...
i tried to repair with glue, a hot glue or rubber but it's not good ...
is there someone have a better idea?
someone can try to create in 3D for printing?


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Looks like you got a printer with PEI sheet. Here is an stl file using the original pic and dimensions. I didn't have the dimensions for the blue so used the pics as reference so it might not be dimensionally accurate in some places. Dunno what material you have but you can try to print one out to test.

Edit: deleted file due to updated measurements.

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deleted stl file due to updated info
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Don't print the STL file above. The dimensions are not accurate after seeing the newer pic. In fact, I'll just delete the file.


Edit: Try this file instead. I got it as close as I could on the dimensions and added the larger hole in the back.

tread hip.stl

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added newer stl
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