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VF-171 Alto+Supers - RVF-171 - Metal Build Freedom Version 2 - FEXT Hobby - IF Ultra Magnus - IF Hound VF-4G Yamato


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Getting rid of a few remaining pieces I have left to slim down my collection. Prices do not reflect shipping prices within CONUS if possible.

1. VF-171 Alto + Supers. Paid 250 from here 2 years ago. The box on the main item was sent in the condition you see it in. Have not taken it from box other then to photograph it for sale purposes. Please see images for box condition. asking what I paid for it:  200.00

2. RVF-17EX.  Purchased off of Mandrake. Have not opened other then to take pics. Box has one tear (shown) outside of that in great shape. 175.00.

3. Metal Build Gundam Freedom Version 2. Item is MISB. Haven't opened it since I received it. Did not receive the outer brown box when delivered to my home. Asking SOLD

4. Yamato VF-4G. Item has not been taken out of the box. Purchased from Macross World. Item is open, box in great condition. Asking 275.00

5. FEXT Hobby 1/100 armor sets. Versions 000 and 101. Asking 50.00 each


8. Hasagawa YF-19 with booster Egg Model. Not assembled. Asking 25.00

9. VFG-VF31A Kairos Model. Not assembled. Asking 90.00

I am on the Straight Shooters List and have purchased and sold items to many members here. Prices are somewhat negotiable but not to a crazy extent. I will let these stay for a week before bouncing them to EvilBay for sale. Willing to put hold if asked. Take Paypal.


Thanks much MWers

FextHobby 000.jpg

FextHobby 101.jpg







RVF-17 Inside.jpg



RVF-17Tear on Box.jpg

VF-4G Back.jpg

VF4G Front.jpg

VF-171EX BackBoxes.jpg

VF-171EX Box Damae1.jpg

VF-171EX BoxDamae2.jpg

VF-171EX BoxDamage3.jpg

VF-171EX Front Box W Fast Packs.jpg

VF-171EX Inside.jpg

VFG_Macross Front.jpg

VFG_Macross Inside.jpg

YF-19Egg Model.jpg

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