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Taco Bell's Fry Force

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Just mentioned to the wife this evening that this looks like it'd be a cool show on its own. They definitely spent some money to hire decent animators. There's also a strong Pacific Rim vibe to the commercials as well. It's an odd, but cool choice for advertising fast food. I'm not even a fan of Taco Hell, but I dig their commercials.

I really liked the Nacho Fries series of commercials they did a few years ago with James Marsden, and the more recent one with Stranger Things' Joe Keery- "You don't consume me! I consume you!" :lol:

After those mini-bits of hyperbolic cinema, the next logical step was anime. ^_^  Next, they need a Shinji Ikari surrogate getting all angsty about huge odd creatures, which are certainly not Angels, taking his Nacho Fries, necessitating his piloting a large humanoid that isn't an Eva to get them back.^_^ 

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That was Fing Epic. I'd be going out to TB tonight if i didn't just visit the dentist. I'm eating yogurt the next couple days 😕

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Read the comic. Y'know, it's just silly enough to be made into a show, sponsored, of course, by Taco Bell.  Gotta admire the amount of effort here just to advertise some spicy fries with cheese on them.^_^

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