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Yamato Fan Racer Landing gear 3D print


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I know this was a subject brought up ages ago, but I was curious if anyone had made a set of landing gear for the 1/60 Yamato Hikaru fan racer? I am currently working on a set, and they are more just for the model in a landed position (details aren't there too much). If anyone else has made them, I'd like to take a look at your design for them. Here are mine. The front landing gear is not done yet. I know the images are a bit blown out, but I don't have my 3D cad on this computer, so I took small pics of them and had to blow them up.



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58 minutes ago, derex3592 said:

That would be sweet @Jasonc, as the new DX Fan Racer is so close in scale, whether it's accurate or not, LOL...these could be used for both versions! 

I put them both side by side, and the DX is smaller than the Yamato by about 1/4". The wings are also set lower, but most of the shortness of the DX fan racer is in the fan construction itself. They both have beautiful design, and both have aesthetics that are appealing, but I think if both were real fan planes, the DX would not fly well, if at all. That said, once they're done and I build a set, I'll post pics.

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