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Nate's Robot Sale

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All are opened & Complete, unless indicated. All prices include shipping and open to offers. More Pictures available on request.

Macross Delta:
VF-31J Sigfried Hayate with Super Parts Set MIB $380
(SOLD SV-262Hs Drakken II Keith with Lilldraken & Missile Pod Set $330
VF-31F Sigfried Hayate/Messier with Lilldraken Set $370

Metal Build:
Amatsu Mina (Original) - Missing side plates & one hand $170
Gundam Astray Blue Frame (Full Weapons) - MIB $190
Gundam Astray Red Frame with Tactial Arms & Tiger Pierce Set & Flight Unit Option Set - MIB $275
Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai Alternative Strike Version - MIB $210
Freedom Gundam Concept 2 - MIB $230
Caletvwlch Option Set - New $85

Soul of Chogokin:
GX-75 Mazinkaiser MIB $170
GX-70 Mazinger DC MIB $190
GX-73 Great Mazinger DC MIB $190
GX-74 Getter 1 DC MIB $80
GX-91 Getter 2/3 DC MIB $170
GX-76 Grendizer with GX-76X UFO Spazer Set & GX-76X2 Drill/Marine Spazer - MIB $450

Super Robot Chogokin/Others
Mazinger with Mazinger Weapon Set MIB $120
Great Mazinger - MIB $70
Mazinkaiser Chogokin Z Color Version - MIB $80
Grendizer - Loose & Complete, no box $80 (Not shown in picture)
Sentinel Metamor Force Dino Getter 1/2/3 (Dinogetter 1 has broken hand) $190

40th Anniversary RX-78-2 MIB $180
Char Zaku 1 New $130
Char Zaku 2 MIB $275
(SOLD) Green Zaku 2 MIB $130





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More Robot Stuff!

Metamor Force Dancouga Real Color (New) - 350
Metamor Force Black Wing MIB - 200

or Both for $500


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Communication was great up until payment was sent (7/22), now just static. Hopefully nothing nefarious is going on as I've never had a problem with a fellow board member before.

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