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Macross Stop-Motions [NO3LJM]


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Two weekends ago I decided on taking some pics of my DX Chogokin VF-1J using the iconic pose from the intro and the 'eyecatch' segment until it becomes a full blown photo-taking of the actual footage and decide on making a short stop-motion for it.

Hope you guys like it. Enjoy! :hi:


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I finally finished my second one. :bigshok:  It was a pain shooting the transformation sequence. The hip wings wasn't cooperating enough. Keeps on rotating. :sad:

Anyways, I do have 2 versions. One is just the sequence and the other one (+Bonus) is a compilation of the original clip, my stop motion sequence, and a version without Isamu's Yoohoo's.

Hope you guys like it! :hi:






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Thank you! :hi:

The lighting wasn't perfect since I don't have a proper setup so I just used what's available. I know in real life that the light direction should be on top of the plane but somehow after the shoot it ended up looking good than I was hoping for. :) 


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